Fixing our broken care system. Exclusive interview with Norman Lamb

Former Care Minister Norman Lamb speaks to Age Space today just before the Chancellor delivers his Autumn Statement. Calling on the Government to take urgent action to fix our social care system which, he says, is “ living on borrowed time”, Mr Lamb also identifies the role that the wider community must play for real change.

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Stages of Care

This section covers all the different stages of care and support you might need to consider. It has helpful checklists as well as advice and experience.


Good health comes in many forms - from diet to exercise and activities. For both the person being cared for and the one doing the caring.

Real Life Problems

So much about caring for an elderly parent is new and difficult. In this section we cover a wide range of subjects, from stopping driving to incontinence.

Help For You

If you're caring directly for a parent or partner, or if you're caring from a distance, this is the section for you. Lots of great information on how to ensure you can cope with caring and have a life.

Finance & Legal

Financing elderly care is potentially a minefield. Along with legal stuff, this section aims to give you all the information you need to ensure your parents get the care they need at a price they can afford; and that their wishes are always respected.


Here we look at products and services to make getting older easier. We've included both companies that specialise in selling useful stuff, as well as individual bits of kit too. Always keen to learn of things that work, let us know about any gadgets you'd recommend.