holidays with care for the elderly

Holidays with Care for the Elderly

Our parents and the elderly have always been the ones in the past to plan our holidays and we are the ones to tag along. It may feel a bit daunting before but there are plenty of holidays with care for the elderly available. They may have special circumstances such as limited mobility or care needs whilst away, lucky for us more holiday companies are providing these services. Age Space have put together this guide on planning a holidays with care for the elderly to help make sure you’ve got everything covered.

What are their needs?

The first stage in planning is to assess what services they may need throughout their holiday. Create a list and write down any aspect you feel may require any sort of assistance help or special circumstance.

Planning a holiday for elderly parents

Some things to note may be:

  • Limited mobility or wheelchair bound
  • Limited or minimal hearing ability
  • Visually Impaired
  • Any illnesses
  • Any current or reoccurring injuries
  • Do they require a carer whilst on holiday?

This is a very broad list so make sure you think about each one and make them specific to both of your parents, the smallest of thing can be so important.

Choosing the right type of holiday

Once you have finished assessing what their needs are, you can start looking at what type of holiday would be most suitable for them based on what they want from a holiday. Are they looking for a nice relaxing holiday abroad? What about a spa retreat for a long weekend? Or perhaps they are more active and want to go on a nice countryside walking holiday. Luckily there are holidays that are designed to suit everyone’s needs.

Planning a holiday for elderly parents

Just make sure that when you are planning a holiday with care for the elderly, that you consider all the little things too. Is the hotel fully disability friendly? Do they provide any sort of transportation or trips whilst there? (if so do they have ramps in case of a wheelchair). Along with these, don’t forget the small things such as a towel rail in the bathroom and elevator accessibility if needed.

Our main tip is to research, research and then research some more. The internet can be your biggest friend when looking for various selections of holiday and most big travel agent’s websites will be filled with information to help you. There are also other specialist websites that can help you find the holiday the holiday with the elderly or disabled in mind. Some examples are:

Silver Travel Advisor 

Silver travel advisor has lots of information, advice and travel reviews. All of which is specifically designed for travelers over the age of 50. They can give you advice on holiday type, country, hotels, airport services and baggage services to name a few.

Disabled Holidays

This website is a essentially a travel agents designed specifically for those with disabilities and special needs. They offer full financial protection, accessible room guarantees, mobility equipment hire, flights and airport assistance and adapted transfers. This can be a great place to look for planning a holiday for elderly parents suited exactly for their needs.

Care and support whilst on holiday

Although your parents may be able to take care of certain needs, this isn’t always possible and they are not always able. This may mean that you need to seek a holiday in which these care aspects are included into the package.

planning a holiday for elderly parents

An example of a holiday company that provide this is Richmond Retreats ( They have award winning retirement holiday sites across England and provide care on site 24/7. They have excellent facilities and a fantastic choice for elderly who have specialist needs. There are others like this which can be exactly the type of holiday you are looking for when planning a holiday for elderly parents who require care.

There is also the option (although more expensive) to hire a carer/companion service which can accompany your elderly parents on their holiday and provide all the care services they require. offers such a service, you can enquire about this on their website.

Remember the little things

It is easy to get caught up on the big details that sometimes we forget the simplest of things, we have got some information to help remind you of these.

Planning a holiday for elderly parents


Make sure that you have a copy of all their usual medication with you before they go, this will help to let other people know what they may need in case of an emergency. You should also ensure that they get there prescriptions filled and make sure they have sufficient enough of each of their medications/pills so they do not fall short while on holiday.


Do they have any animals that may need looking after whilst away?  Are they able to stay with you or a close friend of theirs? If not then they are left with two options

  • Look for local kennel services that can look after their pets whilst away. (many of which provide a very high level of care for your pet.
  • Factor this in when looking at places to go on holiday, this will put a restriction again on where you can go however some places do allow pets.
House check’s

It may be well worth checking the house after they have left to make sure everything is locked up, alarms on and all plugs are switched off. We don’t want any little thing to cause a big problem. Letting them know you are checking up on the house will also help give them reassurance that everything is safe.

Don’t forget when planning a holiday for elderly parents

Although we hope nothing will go wrong for them with all of the planning, it’s a good idea to make a note of a few things just in case of any issues or emergencies.

  • Take a copy of all documents including passports, travel insurance, flight and transfer details, hotel details and any information that is sent to them via post. These may come in useful!
  • Find out all emergency contact numbers for the holiday destination, taxi numbers and any local hospitals to where they are.
  • Make a note of your parent’s bank account details, national insurance numbers and passport number.
  • Although we know the elderly don’t always like the latest technology, giving them a simple and easy to use mobile phone can make sure that if they really need to contact you (or vice versa) that can be done easily. You can buy cheap pre-paid and topped up phones from any phone shop. (We suggest getting the simplest one they do with big buttons). You can set it all up before you give it to them.

UK Based Locations

Bond Hotel – Blackpool

Based just off the south shore coast, the award winning hotel is located close to the heart of Blackpool. It is the UK’s largest disabled hotel, suitable whether you are after a relaxing break or a fun and faster paced holiday. The hotel is suitable for any disability or needs and all rooms are fully accessible and mobility friendly.


Merton House – Herefordshire

The Merton house based in Herefordshire, is a holiday hotel which is specialized for the elderly who are frail and people with disabilities. It is ideally suited for guests requiring the use of a wheelchair.



St Michael’s Hotel and Spa, Cornwall

If your looking for a sunny seaside break then this is a fantastic choice. Rooms are ideal for all as they are full accessible on the ground floor, low leveled hands to furniture and en-suite wet rooms with support rails. Restaurant and lounge are on the ground floor for easy access. The hotel also has a spa and offers in-room treatments if unable to go downstairs to the spa facilities.


The Guardian have written a fantastic review of ten top accessible stays in the UK which you can read about here: The Guardian Ten Top Accessible Stays

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