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About us

About us

Welcome to Age Space, the one-stop online resource and guide for anyone with concerns about, or caring for an ageing parent or relative, neighbour or friend. Whether you’re facing an immediate crisis, or are just beginning to worry, at its heart Age Space has compiled information, resources and Guides that can help.

I started Age Space as a result of my own experience.  When my Mum had a stroke and spent many weeks in hospital, we were all overwhelmed by the situation – finding it hard to know what to do for the best for her, and for my Dad.  I didn’t know what questions to ask, where to find the answers or what to do next.   As I finally started talking with friends and colleagues I realised that there were lots of us at this “age and stage” – juggling work, families, distance etc and trying to do the right thing.

There is lots of information on the site to help guide you through what can be very difficult and stressful times.  Our aim is to help you to help your parents and relatives stay independent and healthy for as long as possible.

We are establishing a network of local online hubs around the UK as we want to provide the best available information and guidance relevant to as many people as possible.

Please do share your experiences so others can benefit from what you have learnt along the way.

Care in older age doesn’t need to be a terrifying and lonely prospect for either those being cared for, or those making decisions about care.

Do please get in touch if you have ideas for the site – I’d love to hear from you.


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