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Advertising Media Pack – July 2020

1. Our Mission (Age Space) is a one-stop digital platform offering free impartial information and advice on all aspects of elderly care, we signpost to the best help, organisations and support.

A national website with local hubs for sponsors and advertisers targeting the consumers and influencers of elderly care and related products and services.

Our mission is to be the definitive guide to elderly care in the UK.

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2. National Coverage & Local Focus

Age Space content offers national coverage to a national audience: currently 88% of AgeSpace UK visitors live in England, 6% in Scotland, 4% in Wales and 2% in Northern Ireland.

Additionally, new local county hubs offer a strong local focus. Currently 11 county hubs featured, 3 more counties coming soon* and more planned as soon as possible.

Cambridgeshire Norfolk
Cheshire Suffolk
Dorset Surrey
Essex Sussex
Hampshire & Isle of Wight Berkshire *
Kent Buckinghamshire *
Merseyside Hertfordshire *

3. Community Reach & Response

Research shows more than half of Britons aged 45 and over are concerned about their ageing parents and in need of advice and help, but unsure where to find it.

Age Space meets that need by offering the latest advice, free impartial information and signposts to the best local help, organisations and support.

Targeting mostly 45+ females AB1’s who are most likely to provide support or care for elderly parents or relatives.

With over 20,000 users per month (June 2020) Age Space is growing fast and expected to reach more than 40,000 unique visitors per month within the next 12 months. 

Offering high levels of engagement and response, Age Space outbound click rate average 20.4% in June 2020, i.e. one in 5 users clicking out for more information or to buy now.

Around 3,000 registered users currently opted-in to receive our weekly newsletter and 4,000 following us on social media (Twitter / Facebook). 

4. Commercial Opportunities

All commercialopportunities can be tailored to suit your requirements – work with us nationally, across or more of our county hubs or run campaigns across selected counties only.     

4.1 Sponsorship

Independent, authoritative and influential, our comprehensive editorial addresses all aspects of elderly care. Show support for Age Space by becoming a site sponsor or sponsor one or more content channels relevant to your business.

Becoming an Age Space sponsor delivers brand awareness and helps meet corporate social responsibility goals and can be tailored to fulfil commercial objectives. National, Local (one or more counties) and Channel (e.g. Legal, Finance, Dementia) sponsor packages available and tailored to your needs:

  • Logo visible and celebrated on web pages
  • Dedicated landing page promoting your company or business
  • Sponsorship of AgeSpace Guides, selected web pages and newsletter
  • Your publications / articles / press releases available for download
  • Sponsor contributions to content pages identifiable as “Sponsored by”
  • Supporting editorial with or without banner advertising reinforcement
  • Insertions in AgeSpace regular weekly newsletters and posts in social media

4.2 Banner Advertising

Banner advertising available run of site or displayed in contextually relevant channels (e.g. Dementia, Legal etc) or specific web pages only. Banners are delivered to web pages via third party ad server providing independent measurement of impressions, clicks and click through rates.

Banner advertising campaigns can involve a mix of sizes and offered for sale on CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) or fixed term tenancy.

Standard banner advertising sizes available:

  • Leaderboard 728×90 pixels
  • MPU 300×250 pixels
  • Filmstrip 300×600 pixels
  • Billboard 970×250 pixels

Banner advertising in newsletter available in size 300×250 pixels only.

The following banner formats are accepted:

  • Animated GIF
  • Static GIF
  • JPG

Creative assets to be supplied by you or your agency. Maximum file size allowance for web is 40k. There are no rotation restrictions. Flash banners are not accepted.

Other display options including Page-Take-Over (all banner positions on a page, with or without wallpaper surround) available on request.

4.3 Native Advertising

Native advertising matches the look, feel and functionality of our editorial content. Unlike banner ads, native ads don’t really look like ads, provide more information to the reader and offer higher levels of engagement.

Calls to action typically text links to your website with tracking code supplied by you if required. Unique text, images and tracking code for links (if required) to be supplied by you or your PR agency.

Native advertising can be a full-page dedicated to your brand, products or services or a series of smaller native ads positioned within contextually relevant editorial on one or more pages and highlighted as “sponsored by” or “recommended by Age Space”.

Age Space editorial team will be pleased to assist with creative (unique text) at extra cost if needed.

4.4 Features

A feature length advertorial page typically up to 1,000 words, unique text with static images or embedded video, contact information and calls to action including outbound link(s) or enquiry form for data capture and to help filter enquires.

Your advertorial page published in the content section of your choice and highlighted with teaser promotions from Home page and/or main landing page. Can be published with supporting banners, newsletter and social media posts to drive extra traffic to your page.

Unique text means freshly written for Age Space purpose (i.e. not copied or pasted from an existing website nor intended to be published on any other website) to avoid duplicate text issues with Google and other search engines.

Offered for sale on a tenancy basis, minimum 12 months or until minimum number of page views achieved. Creative assets to be supplied by you subject to editorial review by our editorial team including keyword editing where needed.

4.5 Bespoke Landing Pages

A bespoke landing page promoting your product or service, typically comprising 350-400 words unique text with images, rich media and enquiry form. Can be published as full-width page and usually supported by banners, newsletter and social media as well as editorial to drive target audience to your promotion page on AgeSpace.

Call to action options include full contact info including web link, enquiry form or competition entry form, invitation to download together with GDPR opt-in to receive news and special offers from client and Age Space.

Pricing options include tenancy, cost per lead, cost per sale or hybrid arrangement negotiable subject to minimum fixed price for 12 months promotion and hosting.

4.6 Competitions

Sponsor an Age Space competition with an incentive prize offer promoted on AgeSpace on an ongoing basis or for a minimum of one month. Competitions can be promoted on Home page, run of site or contextually relevant sections / pages. All competition data subject to usual terms and conditions including privacy with GDPR opt-in to receive communications and offers from AgeSpace and competition sponsor.

4.7 Directory Advertising

Coming soon, Age Space Directory will provide a comprehensive listing of a wide range of elderly care services and businesses nationally and in your region.  A perfect solution for smaller businesses wishing to target customers in a cost-effective way. Available with or without other advertising support.

4.8 Affiliate Partnerships

Work with Age Space as an affiliate partner to drive targeted traffic to your website and acquire new customers on a revenue share basis. Activity typically driven by links from contextually relevant content and/or widgets (if available). Display advertising (banners) and other opportunities available at extra cost where needed to promote your brand and raise awareness. Affiliate relationships negotiable on a risk sharing basis.

5. Link Policy

Age Space does not buy backlinks nor do we sell links. Our editors link to other websites on merit in accordance with our mission to signpost to the best local help, organisations and support. Naturally, we are pleased when other quality websites choose to link to us.

6. Contact Us

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with Age Space, please contact us at and we’ll get straight back to you.

Sponsorship & Advertising
David Holyoak
Business Development Director
Editorial, Marketing & PR
Helen Burgess
Director of Marketing