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Are you a Gamechanger? – News Space 12 October 2017

Playing games, the state of care… and cake. Annabel James rounds up the week’s news.

This year’s just-published State of Care report is a story of contrasts. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) talks about resilience and vulnerability. Most people, most of the time, get good quality care. Where services work together, health and care is good. Where they don’t, quality and safety suffer.

The report highlights the worrying “postcode lottery” that defines whether mum and dad might get great care, or struggle to find it.

It’s a chunky report to plough through, but there’s a summary here.

Remember the Age Space Forum is a friendly place to share your family’s experiences of the state of care in England.

Reckon you’re a bit of a player?

The Alzheimer’s Society needs you to be a Gamechanger.

As part of a major piece of research they want to encourage as many people as possible who don’t have dementia to download a free app and play some brain games for five minutes a day every month.

Actor Kevin Whately, whose mother had Alzheimer’s disease, supports the initiative,

Lashings of olive oil!

Milk, cream, butter, cakes… Dieticians are saying the vulnerable and elderly should ignore know-it-all health chiefs and drench poultry in olive cupcakes 2250367 1280oil before roasting and snack on calorific treats to see them through a cold snap.

Shockingly, one in 10 people aged over 65 in the UK, around 1.3 million people, is malnourished and 90 percent of them live on their own.

If you are concerned about an older relative not eating well, or enough, you may want to find out more about the Small Appetite Campaign run by the Malnutrition Task Force.

The doctor will see all 15 of you now…

Your GP appointment is generally just you and the doc, right?

Well maybe not for much longer, as it seems there’s a case for offering group appointments for up to 15 people with similar conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and obesity.

Some patients taking part in trials say they have benefited from the support of other participants. And maybe it could be a another small step towards alleviating loneliness? Here’s The Guardian take on it… What do you think?

Priority fuel deliveries

And as we’re having a blast of weather that suggests winter isn’t far away, there’s a reminder from the Federation of Petroleum suppliers that over 75s who use heating oil are being urged to sign up to the Cold Weather Priority (CWP) initiative which means they will be prioritised when it comes to getting their fuel deliveries throughout the winter months. More info here

music box 1419792 1280And finally…

A new BBC website aims to help by connecting dementia patients with the songs they love. Eventually, it’s hoped the site will build a database of music that’s effective at triggering memories.

The charity Playlist for Life has collaborated with the BBC on the Music Memories website which allows people to browse more than 1,800 songs, classical works and TV theme tunes from the last 100 years, creating a playlist of personally meaningful music.