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22 Inspirational Blogs On Elderly Care to Follow in 2018

Taking care of elderly parents is not an easy job, although it is indeed a very profound experience.

It can be tiring, challenging and difficult to balance full time work, taking care of the children and trying to care for your elderly parent.

When caring for elderly parents it should be an enjoyable experience for both the caregiver and the elderly relative.

top elderly care blogsSo, we’ve done some research on caring for an elderly parent and put together this article on what we think are the best blogs on elderly care.

These blogs are in no particular order; however, you will find a whole lot of useful information about how to cater to the needs of an elderly parent in a way that keeps them healthy, fit and happy; physically, mentally and emotionally. Take a look:

1. Minding Our Elders

Best Blogs on Elderly Care You Should be Reading in 2017
Carol Bradley Bursack, as Minding Our Elders, has been online since 2005 when her book ‘Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories’ was published.

She has been blogging as Minding Our Elders since 2006. Minding Our Elders was one of the first websites that grew out of a need for a family caregiver to share her caring experiences and to provide other carers with a voice.

Since first published the site has expanded and developed over the years to include support and health of elderly people. But caregiver support has always been the main focus. The blog is updated daily, sending readers in to a deep archive of information written primarily by Carol for health and ageing sites, as well as to her newspaper column, also titled ‘Minding Our Elders’.

2. Caring Village

Best blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017
This is an amazing blog that comes up with a lot of valuable information about elderly people, their specific needs and how to take better care of them. They also provide a free Caregiver Organiser app that makes it easier, safer and less stressful to coordinate, collaborate and communicate more effectively about a loved one’s care.

In addition to the blogs, they also have checklists to help you be more prepared when caring for your elderly parent. With other apps such as Caregiving 101, FLEP, Home Preparedness and Maintenance available for download on the site to help you with your caring schedule.

3. Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care Services

best blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Crossroads is a complete caring center for your elderly parents with trained medical specialists and nurses. Their blog has everything you need to know about elderly people. They can help your elderly loved ones with not only their physical disabilities but also their psychological state of mind and help with emotional distress. You can connect them day or night, whenever required; they are just one call away!

4. Arizona Elder Care LLCbest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

If you are looking for professional care for your elderly loved ones, Arizona Elder Care is the right place to be. They offer help for disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s, provide carers for your elderly relatives, nursing tips, home care for the elderly and more. Their blog focuses on Elderly Care advocacy and education. You will find all the information about elderly people and their needs that are particularly important when caring for them.

5. National Institute on Agingbest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

The National Ageing Institute’s Website ( is an institute of the NIH, a U.S. Federal Government agency that provides accurate, up-to-date information about aspects of ageing research, information about clinical trials, educational materials and resources about ageing for the general public, and information for researchers and health professionals. You should definitely check it out!

6. The Caregivers’ Living Roombest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

This is a blog by Donna Thomson who is a carer, author, and advocacy coach. She blogs about both the personal and practical challenges of caring. Donna also helps readers reflect on how to create meaning and resilience in a life of caring despite adversity. Donna blogs on a range of topics with publishing 1-2 posts per week.

7. Senior Help Desksenior help desk

Senior Help Desk is an interactive and shareable social media based resource website for seniors, families, friends and care providers. Their mission statement will assist you, check it out below:

“The mission of Senior Help Desk is to enhance the lives of our seniors through the collaboration, organisation, and accessibility of resources. We strive to offer the most comprehensive, interactive, and shareable senior resource center for finding community trusted professionals and resources. We offer an interactive community timeline, resource directory, blogs, videos, articles, and a community events calendar.”

8. Living with Alzheimer’sliving with alzhiemers

This blog is all about Alzheimer’s as well as other types of dementia. The owner of the blog was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2004, and he has shared his complete journey with this disorder in his blogs. So if you’re looking for stories and blogs of someone who has been experiencing Alzheimer’s and hear about how it has affected their lives check it out. You will find everything you need to know about this particular disease.

10. Easy Livingbest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Easy Living is another incredible blog. It covers topics that commonly help families with FAQs, challenges that carers face, etc. They often share stories from their clients/families and they try to provide a great deal of educational and timely information. The topics range from family caring to practical pointers on elderly care and healthcare to quality information on ageing wisely. Their team provides home healthcare and care management to elderly people in Florida and has been in this line of work since the 1990s. They have a team of experts who contribute to making their blog the great resource they hope it is.

11. Living in the shadow of Alzheimer’sbest blog on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

This is a blog by Sheri who is the wife to a man suffering from Alzheimer’s and Frontal Lobe Dementia. Her husband was diagnosed with this disorder in 2008. She has shared everything about Alzheimer’s in her blog including the daily life challenges her husband faces due to this disorder and the issues she faces as a carer. It includes a lot of valuable tips as well.

12. Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PAbest blogs in elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Here is another great blog that has become a resource for both consumers looking to educate themselves on their incapacity planning, estate planning or Medicaid planning options – but also a place where attorneys are able to find help.  In other words, it has content that is explained in practical/plain-English terms as well as delves into advanced topics that benefit other elderly law attorneys.

13. Aware Senior Carebest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Aware Senior Care is a family owned home care business founded in August 2014.  It has since grown to over a $1 million evaluation and received numerous awards for excellence, including the 2017 Cary Chamber of Commerce award and they were just recently awarded Best of Home Care by Home Care Pulse. This blog comes up with some serious information about elderly care, elderly disorders, their cures and so much more.

14. Care Giver Warriorbest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Susanne White believes that taking care of an elderly parent is like going to a war, it’s a fight between us and the problems of our elderly loved ones, and we fight to give them all the love and support they need with dignity. Susanne’s journey started when her father fell sick on a Christmas and since then she has been actively and lovingly taking care of many elderly people in her family. On her blog, you’ll find valuable tips on how to take care of your elderly parent/relative.

15. Dementia Diaries: A Journey with Dementiabest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Cassandra started blogging about her mother’s dementia after she was diagnosed. It is one of the most heart-touching blogs I have come across, and the way she described all the toils is inspiring to the carers. She made this blog with an aim to serve and help people across the globe. This is the link to her Facebook page. You’d love to check it out.

16. Drivebest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

The services of drive are matchless! This website offers a plethora of options for your elderly parent’s wheelchair and support supplies. Altogether, the aim of Drive is to reduce the risk of fall injuries in the elderly people and give them a sense of freedom as they roam around. Drive also has a new blog; this is the link to it.

17. Dealing with Dementiabest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Kay was startled to find the ways in which the beloved parent’s memories were fading away. It was a tough journey indeed. Kay started this blog 7 years ago and since then the blog has been a beacon of light for all the young adults out there striving to take good care of their elderly parents who are suffering from dementia. The blog now has approximately 15 thousand viewers. And though the blog didn’t start as an expertise manual, Kay’s passion has brought it much further than expected. You’ll find some valuable tips here.

18. True Doorsbest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

A caring service with the utmost beautiful theme! Rahzeb believes that to him two doors are where he felt like home, one where his parents lived and he grew up and the other where his kids are growing up. This service appears to form a bridge between the generations. True doors aim to cater to the needs of individuals across the country.

19. Dementia by Daybest blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

Rachael Wonderlin holds a Master’s degree in Gerontology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has been working in the caring industry since 2005 at a variety of care centres and describes dementia care as her passion. She is very creative and has always been actively working on creating new design and work stations for dementia care communities. She also offers a phone call service on which she answers any questions carers have for an hour for 50 dollars.

20. Which Me Am I Today?best blogs on elderly care you should be reading in 2017

This blog was started by Wendy, simply to keep a track of her memory after she was diagnosed with dementia on 31st July 2014. She is 61 and a happy alone resident of Yorkshire. Her blog is a reminder that dementia does not mean the life has ended and that there are ways to hold on to life despite a constant memory loss. Her aim is to raise awareness and help people like her who are suffering from this terrifying disease.

21. Creating Life with Wordskate swaffer

Kate Swaffer has created this one of a kind interactive community over the web and she describes it as her memory bank. She believes that writing her thoughts and getting responses on them helps her stay connected to herself and of course to the rest of world. Her sole purpose is to strengthen the connection between humans in world where no one seems to bother to pick up a phone call.

22. Elder Options of Texaselder options of texas

It is an online index for older adults, their caregivers and for all those who have aging parents. Visitors over the United States of America, all through the state and outside have speedy and simple access to the care facilities that Elder Options of Texas provide, home caregiving specialist organizations, elderly living communities and a great variety of age-related caregiving professionals and services.

Furthermore, families can remain updated on subjects of the blogs in regards to disorders like Alzheimer’s and related Dementias, Home Health, Problems of the caregivers, Caregiving at home, and a lot more than that.

Also, you can tune in to the section of Texas Senior Talk, podcasts whose guests incorporate best elderly and healthcare experts who examine a wide assortment of subjects important to families, additionally look for numerous other valuable assets in regards to formula thoughts for the aging people, age-related problems and concerns, top pets for them, traveling opportunities for them, fun corner and that’s just the beginning!