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The Well Lived Life by Gladys McCarey M.D.

A 102 Year Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age

Reviewed by Rose Mary Bradley
Reviewed by Rose Mary Bradley


Dr Gladys McGarey, centenarian, medical doctor and co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978, began her medical practice almost eighty years ago. Internationally recognised as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, she has pioneered a new way of thinking about disease and health for the past fifty years. A proponent of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection she explores the intersection of spirituality and medicine and suggests that all true healing comes from within.

About the book

Dr Gladys says that “If you can live through the issues that you have been faced with, they become one of your teachers.” In her book she shares her six secrets for a well lived life. In a story telling style, which is easily accessible to all, each secret is followed by a simple exercise to inspire us on how to live our best life:

  1. You are here for a reason: How to find your passion that helps you stay oriented in your life’s purpose.
  2. All life needs to move: How to move—spiritually, mentally, and physically and let go of trauma and other roadblocks
  3. Love is the most powerful medicine: Learn to love yourself—and others—into healing
  4.  You are never truly alone: How to build a community that is meaningful to you
  5.  Everything is your teacher: Discover the deep learnings that come from pain and setbacks
  6. Spend your energy wildly: How to embrace your life fully and feel motivated every day

This book is stimulating and inspiring and full of practical wisdom. Dr Gladys will change the way you think about health and healing as she shares her vision for a healthier and more joyful future for us all.

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I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to explore and expand their horizons.