Elderly Care

Your guide to caring for an elderly parent or relative

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Legal matters can be scary and quite often the reason why we delay. They can also be incredibly difficult to discuss with elderly parents or relatives. We hope our simple and informative guides will help you and your family to prepare to care. 

Where to Start with Care for the Elderly


Help navigating the complex world of elderly care


Cut through the jargon with our glossary of care definitions


How to get one and what it entails


Make sure you're prepared in the event of an emergency

Remain Living Independently at Home


Use our checklist to answer the question


Find out about the tech that can help out in and around the home


Home adaptations you can make to help prevent falls


How to help elderly parents who struggle with loneliness and isolation

Caring for the elderly at Home


Everything you need to know to care for an elderly relative at home


All you need to know to pick and hire the right home carer for your family


Learn more about how live-in care can provide top quality care in their own home

Care Homes


Use these tips whenever searching for or looking round potential care homes


Follow these tips to help make the transition as easy as possible


Our guide to help spot and report signs of abuse

At the end


Allow your elderly relative to communicate their wishes about their care


Our top 5 important things you need to do after losing a loved one


Advice and information to help your family cope with a bereavement

Guiding you through Elderly Care in the UK

Elderly care is a complicated world and involves navigating all kinds of organisations, processes and tough times. Caring for an elderly relative starts way before you actually do as you need to get prepared to care for them in a way that works for you and respects what they want. You might have to traverse your local council’s sometimes tricky social care sector for funding or access to certain services. Further down the line you will have to make decisions on whether or not it is best for your elderly parent to continuing to live at home, and if so what you need to do to help accommodate this. Finally, when the time comes your parent and your family will need to discuss and plan for what to do at the end, and how they wish to be celebrated after.

At Age Space you will find everything you need to help care for an elderly relative through sensitive and informative guides, checklists, podcasts and more. 

Is elderly care free in England?

In short, for most people it won't be. You may be able to get some care costs partially funded if you fulfil a set of needs-tested requirements. You can find out more about local authority funding here, or about some of the benefits you might be able to receive here.

Can I get paid for caring for my elderly parent or relative?

If you care for someone for more that 35 hours per week you may be eligible for something called a Carer's Allowance. It is a means-tested benefit which means you have to fulfil a specific set of requirements in order to receive it. 

How much does 24 hour elderly care cost?

How much 24 hour care, or live-in care, costs depends on many factors including: the type of care needed, the experience of the carer, the location, and expenses. On average live-in care costs are comparable to that of a care home. However, live-in care allows your elderly relative to live in their home for longer and to receive one-to-one, personalised care 24 hours a day.

Am I legally responsible for my elderly parents?

In short, no. Unless you have a Power of Attorney you have no legal responsibility for your parents. If there does come a time where they are medically and legally determined not to have mental capacity, you (if you have a Power of Attorney) or someone else will be responsible for them, their finances and most importantly, their wellbeing.

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