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Legal matters can be scary and quite often the reason why we delay. They can also be incredibly difficult to discuss with elderly parents or relatives. We hope our simple and informative guides will help you and your family to prepare to care. 

Do your parents or relatives need help or care at home?

Arranging home care/domiciliary care

Important things to know and do

Home care Information & Advice

Homecare or domiciliary care may become necessary for your parents and relatives to remain living independently at home.  More care at home can range from helpe with every day tasks such as washing and dressing, to having someone in the home all day helping with meals, keeping the house clean and tidy and supporting your parents.  There may come a point where more care is needed when live-in care becomes the best option. 

It’s a good idea to make a list of what support is required to help narrow down the search.  This can range from help getting up in the morning and going to bed at night (washing, dressing etc), going to the loo, administering medication, help with shopping, meal preparation and cooking; companionship and getting out and about; aswell as support with specific needs such as stoma bags, specialist dementia care and other conditions such as strokes.  

Your parent or relative may also need care during the night. Care companies will carry out their own assessment as part of the process too.   You will find that specialist care, such as support for someone living with dementia will be more expensive than other services, and could be £30 per hour.  

Homecare is usually charged on a per hour basis.  You can hire a carer privately and employ them yourselves or work with an agency or provider who will employ the carer and be responsible for their working hours, holiday and sick cover.  There will be considerations as to which solution you decide upon.   The cost may be a central concern. Visit our finance section to read more about benefits and funding options. Alternatively, if you will be covering the full cost, we have some useful advice on self funding care including our guides to annuities and equity release

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