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The Independent Living Assessment – The Details You Need.

The Independent Living Assessment – The Details You Need.

There is a new and growing market in the UK for Independent Living Advice which aims to enable elderly people and their families or carers gain the knowledge and confidence to help them remain in their own home for as long as possible. Providers of Independent Living Advice help support most, if not all, scenarios ranging from taking appropriate steps in preparation for the challenges of older age to helping people respond to a crisis. For these reasons the Independent Living Assessment is in place.

How to find Independent Living Advice
There is a growing number of providers offering Independent Living Advice and carrying out the Independent Living Assessment. The main categories are shown below with a number of examples.  You should choose which form or forms of Independent Living Advice to use based on your own needs and preferences.

Independent Living Advice – online
These services started several years ago with a focus on providing information that would help people understand the challenges and provide relevant information that could guide people in how best to prepare for or respond to such challenges. This information was and still is typically provided in the form of short guides which can be viewed online, downloaded or, in some cases, sent out by post. By definition, such guides can only provide general as opposed to individual advice.  Online information/guides can represent all that an organisation provides or just part of the service.  Providers include:

Independent Living Advice – by phone
These services provide the option for you to have a 1:1 conversation with an adviser to discuss individual needs or issues or to get generic advice about support available.  Some of these services are national and will typically then provide you with links to local services.  Others are locally based and may be able to provide other support services.  Providers include:

Independent Living Advice – face to face
These services provide an adviser who you can meet and work with personally. Support can be tailored to individual needs and is provided by the adviser or through services that the adviser can introduce. Some services are provided free (typically from charitable organisations) whilst others may charge a fee. The latter category normally provides greater depth and breadth of support.  Example providers include:

What is your experience of Independent Living Advice? We would love to hear from you. If you have advice you would like to share or would like to see what experience others have had, do join the conversation in Age Space Forum.