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Best Live-In Care Agencies

Best Live-in Care Companies in the UK

Remaining independent at home is the goal for the majority of elderly people. As care needs increase, live-in care offers a way to achieve this. Providing support at home 24/7 can include help with taking medication, preparing meals, personal care, as well as providing companionship. You can also find live-in carers with specialist training for conditions such as
Dementia or Parkinson’s.

This Age Space guide to 10 of the best live-in care companies in the UK includes two types of business. 1) Live-in Care Providers who recruit, manage and employ their own trained and vetted carers, i.e. the carers wages are paid by the company and the company is also responsible for deducting any applicable tax and national insurance contributions; and 2) Live-in Care Agencies who help recruit and introduce live-in carers in return for an introductory fee but the service provided does not include managing or employing your relative’s carer. Each type is identified below and we have included their most recent rating from The Care Quality Commission (CQC)*.

1) Edyn Care

Edyn Care is a dedicated live-in care provider that can provide 24-hour in-home carers for elderly people living in England. When you apply for live-in care from Edyn, one of their care managers will come to visit you and your relative at home and discuss your relative’s needs in order to put together a personalised care plan. You will then have the opportunity to choose a caregiver from a shortlist drawn up specifically for your relative. Edyn Care uses bespoke technology to keep you updated on your relative’s care, including information about how they are sleeping, eating, and feeling. Their app also allows you to keep afloat of how much money you have spent on care.

Their team of carers go through a rigorous internal training programme, exceeding statutory requirements, and their services have been awarded a ‘Good’ CQC rating.

Book a virtual consultation with one of Edyn Care’s care specialists.

2) The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group is one of the UK’s top live-in care providers. They offer a personalised at-home care service centred on the individual’s care needs, as well as their personal and cultural preferences. Clients of the Good Care Group will also benefit from an in-house Occupational Therapist, who ensures that the home is as safe as it can be, and a Consultant Nurse who oversees treatment. The Good Care Group has an online community for clients, families, and caregivers plus they use state-of-the-art technology keeping families updated on their relative’s daily care records, including information on nutrition, hydration and medication. The Good Care Group’s carers are trained in meeting the needs of clients with a variety of specialist medical conditions, including dementia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

The CQC rated the services provided by The Good Care Group as being ‘Outstanding.’ Impressively, they have been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in all of the 5 pillars: safe, effective, well-led, responsive and caring.

Organise a free consultation with the Good Care Group to discuss your relative’s needs.

3) Elder

Elder, one of the UK’s leading live-in care agencies, offers an alternative solution to a care home, while helping customers to remain safe, comfortable and happy in their own home. Whether your loved one needs standard live-in care or 24-hour comprehensive personal care, Elder will help you find the right carer(s) using their unique matching technology. Families will be offered a choice of three carers based on needs and personality.  Elder will then act as the middle man between the carer, who is self-employed, and the family to ensure that the highest level of care is being given and that there are no concerns from any party. The carer and family will work together on an ongoing basis to build the most appropriate care plan for the individual. Elder has thousands of registered carers across the UK and have helped hundreds of customers get the right full-time live in care. They work with a broad range of professionals with experience caring for many conditions and circumstances such as: Dementia, Parkinsons, Stroke recovery, Cancer care, hospital discharge, end of life support, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, companionship and respite support. 

Get in touch with Elder to organise your free care consultation.

4) Corinium Care

Corinium Care is an award-winning care provider that specialises in delivering live-in care for elderly people. Corinium Care’s live-in carers are carefully vetted, and go through a comprehensive and award-winning training scheme before being assigned to clients. The training scheme includes personal care, handling and moving, first aid, and specialist dementia support. Senior members of the Corinium team will meet with you and your relative to carry out a detailed assessment of your relative’s needs and how they can meet them. Corinium Care can also provide expert 24 hour in-the-home care for people affected by complex medical conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, or those recovering from a stroke or injury.

The CQC rated the services provided by Corinium Care as being ‘Good’.

Request a callback from a member of Corinium Care’s team.

5) Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead is one of the UK’s leading in-home care providers and their team of highly-trained ‘CAREgivers’ will involve you and your relative in the process of hand-picking the right carer for your relative. The care plan will be informed by how many hours within the 24-hour period your relative will require practical assistance and support at home. However, the ‘CAREgiver’ will always be on call to offer support. In some cases it may be decided that a rotating team of ‘CAREgivers’ is the most effective way to meet your relative’s live-in care needs. They can also provide sensors and alarms to help monitor health and activity. Home Instead runs a City and Guilds-accredited dementia training programme for their ‘CAREgivers’, meaning they are a good choice for families looking for 24 hour in-home dementia care.

Home Instead is a franchised business so they do not have an overall CQC rating, however you can find the CQC rating of your local Home Instead branch online.

The CQC rated the live-in care services provided by Home Instead as being ‘Good’.

Organise a discussion with Home Instead about your relative’s care needs.

Right at Home UK is one of the UK’s biggest live-in care providers. They can provide you with a trained and qualified caregiver who will deliver 24-hour support to your relative. The team from Right at Home UK will work alongside you, and other professionals involved in your relative’s care, to devise a bespoke and tailored plan of care to be delivered in your relative’s home. Beyond their medical and physical needs, they will look to create a happy and reassuring environment for their clients, including support with activities, going shopping and eating nutritious meals. Right at Home UK keep comprehensive daily records of their clients’ care, available for you to access in their home. Carers can always be reached by telephone if you need to discuss any matters with them.

Find in-home care for your relative from Right at Home UK.

7) Eximius Support

Established in 2016, Eximius Support is a provider of specialist elder live-in care for residents with complex or complicated care needs due to health conditions. Eximius Support has a comprehensive recruitment and training process to ensure that their carers can provide the highest standard of care. Their recording and monitoring systems are operated from a tablet in the client’s home and therefore easy for you to be remotely kept in-the-loop about how your relatives care. Eximius Support use an app that allows key information about the individuals’ wellbeing to be shared between the live-in caregivers, family, and other professionals involved in their care.

The CQC rated the live-in care services provided by Eximius Support as being ‘Outstanding’.

Find out more about how you can organise care from Eximius Support here.

8) Trinity Homecare

Trinity Homecare is a 24 hour live-in care agency. Their qualified assessors will carry out a detailed assessment of your relative’s care needs in order to put together a personalised plan of care. They will then use their unique CareMatch Program to ensure your relative is partnered with a caregiver that they can live happily and harmoniously with. This includes questions about your relative’s hobbies, interest and favourite foods! All of the TrinityCarers have received comprehensive and specialist training. They operate a digital system called TrinityConnect to keep families updated on their relatives care activities and records. Trinity Homecare’s in-home care services are only available across London and the Home Counties.

The CQC rated the live-in care services provided by Trinity Homecare as being ‘Outstanding’.

Get in contact with one of Trinity Homecare’s care experts to discuss your relative’s needs.

9) Cera Care

Cera Care is a new nationwide live-in care provider using the latest technologies to provide an up to date in-home care service. They use information about your relative’s needs and interests to match them with a carer who has shared interests, relevant experience and training to provide the care that your relative need. Cera Care operate a simple app that allows the caregivers to share up-to-date information about your relative’s wellbeing. They also use other technologies to provide cutting edge round-the-clock elder care that brings carers, families, and other health professionals into closer communication with one another.

Get in contact with Cera Care and request a callback to discuss their care services.

10) Country Cousins

Country Cousins is one of the UK’s longest-running introductory care agencies, and has been helping to provide older people with live-in care for over 60 years. Country Cousins will work closely with you and your relative to determine their needs and interests, and put you in contact with a carer – or ‘Cousin’, as they call them – who will be a good fit for them. You and your relative will be involved in this decision-making process, with access to the profiles of their carers and their key skills, personal qualities, background and interests. Country Cousins’ live-in carers pride themselves on being effective homemakers as well as caregivers; meaning they will help with everyday household tasks, preparing nutritious meals, caring for pets, and looking for ways to improve your relative’s all-round wellbeing. When long-term 24-hour in-home care is required Country Cousins will usually organise for a rota system of a small number of their carers, in order to ensure your relative is always being looked after, but that carers can also take necessary breaks.

Make an enquiry about care from Country Cousins here.

*The CQC is the regulator of care providers in the UK. Each one is reviewed and given a rating on a number of criteria, from poor to outstanding. It is important as part of your decision-making to consider the CQC rating. You will find that providers may operate local franchise models in which case each local provider will have its own CQC rating. In the case of Introductory agencies, they are not regulated by the CQC because they are facilitators rather than actual providers of care.

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