It’s really useful to try and understand the procedures to better support elderly parents in hospital whether they arrive via A&E or as a planned admission.  No one wants to stay in hospital any longer than they need to, and the less time spent there is also of course better.

Sometimes it takes time to sort out any care or rehabilitation needed post-hospital.  You may be able to speed things up by knowing who makes which decisions and by keeping up with exactly what is going on.

Read our sections below on for some ideas of how to get the best care and arrange discharge as quickly as possible.

Medical emergency - TOP things to do first

A guide to information you need to have, and what you should do in a medical emergency.  Read more..

Getting the best care in hospital and A&E

Getting to grips with hospital life, what you need to know here.

What happens when it's time to be discharged

Top tips for ensuring your parents are discharged and go home as soon as they can here..