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I have wrore something recently about this.. Please find the link below… https://selfinterrog…

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2 months ago

This is my first post. Please can anyone advise which cream I should use on my 91 year old Mums bot…

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3 months ago

Trying to organise a care assessment for Dad. Lots of information – very nervous about it &#…

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6 months ago

If it comes to a theatre near you, highly recommend Still Alice with Sharon Small. Based on the bo…

He’s got an older brother who lives 200 miles away and never visits his dad my husband has been t…

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6 months ago

Hi, Is there something we can use to help protect my father’s ear while he sleeps? He has dev…

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10 months ago

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a lightweight walking frame on wheels please with a little…

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12 months ago

Hello, I am looking for some advice and hoping someone can help. My 89 year old mum is still drivin…

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12 months ago

My mum refuses to put the lights on when she gets up in the night as she says it wakes her up fully…

My dad died five years ago now and put in trust 50 percent of the house in my brother and my name a…

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