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Hi all, I’m working on a new edition of The Carer’s Handbook and want plenty of carers&…

We need to install an external wheelchair lift for my 77 yr old boss (who has Parkinson’s and…

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2 years ago

My parents are both in their  late 80’s but capable of going on holiday without too much wa…

My mum keeps falling and so the NHS arranged Contact care to be installed. It’s a lifeline al…

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3 years ago

Having a smug moment.  Finally got around to putting up a key safe outside my aunt’s house. …

I’m sure I’m not alone here in finding best deals for things are often online and so in…

My aged aunt is just getting up and about after a stroke.  She doesnt need a wheelchair, but is ve…

Any recommendations for a big buttoned mobile phone or some sort of personal call device for my nei…

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