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I think the blog on positive conversations is spot on. It is really easy to slip into that day-to-d…

Talk about difficult conversation. Broaching with my dad that my mum needed a break, and that for t…

My mother is profoundly deaf and is poorly treated at the NHS hearing centre, does anyone know of a…

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3 years ago

Mum has been given some pretty easy exercises to do to help increase her mobility.  I can’t …

Does anyone else have difficulty persuading their mum and dad that cold water is for drinking, not …

Just been to see my mum in her relatively ok care home. But what drives me nuts is that they are co…

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3 years ago

I went to my parents the other day and realised the huge pile of post on the table was not just ove…

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3 years ago

I bet I’m not really the founder member of this club, so what I’m really looking for ar…

Mum has been referred to a balance clinic to try and help her with her walking – post stroke.…

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3 years ago

Mum and Dad are driving to Cornwall next week.  Dad’s eyesight is very poor but he insists h…

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