Reply To: Lack of support from Social Services

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I experienced long delays over arranging appropriate care for my husband – unfortunately for him there was no residential care that could take him so he was delivered home and was stuck in bed for months without the necessary support. I tried ringing to complain but to no avail. However, when I wrote a strongly worded formal complaint copied to my MP things definitely started moving. It still took a long time to get the total package in place but at least the bed was delivered and he was enabled to get out of bed with a hoist (temporary until they could fit proper ones. I did have to get a solicitor involved but in fact most of the work was done by me – even letter writing – having the solicitor was enough for my local authority to take notice! The reality is that unless you kick up they won’t prioritize you because they are so stretched and seem to only notice the most desperate – imagine doing 24/7 hands on care with minimal help from my elderly mother who was already looking after my father suffering from dementia, and my teenage daughter who was taking her A levels at the time, and you may understand how desperate I became.