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HI all,

The time has to find a care home for my mother with Dementia. I need to have a financial assessment in the next couple of weeks, but don’t know where I stand on payments. The house which my mum owned was signed over into my name 2 years ago. I realise that this still isn’t enough, not being able to keep the house – however. There is a ‘lease for life’ in her name. If she is out of the property for more than 6 months the house (assets) will go fully into my name.
The question I have is;
If I can pay for my mums care for 6 months (out of my own pocket) would this mean that all assets are in my name, and care would then be payee for by the government?
Please can somebody help me wijth this please. Time is running out =, and I cannot find a answer anywhere.
Many thanks


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