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Why do we need to send old age people to old age home or leave them alone..

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I have wrore something recently about this..
Please find the link below…

  • They are not the only 2 options for old people – there are other options like sheltered/warden-assisted housing, home care (a carer comes to the house to help out at certain times of the day – eg for getting out of and back into bed) and live-in care where a carer comes to live with you for round the clock care.
    It just seems our default position in the UK is to put old people in a home – unlike some of our European neighbours like Germany and Sweden where many more old people are cared for in their own homes by live-in carers.

    Sometimes there is no option. My mother-in law is 98 and is fast losing her capacity to cope with everyday living. Several years ago moved house to be near her, arranged carer visits to her own home when it became needed, had her living with us when that became necessary. She now cannot cope with our house because it is not a bungalow and, even with a stair lift, she could no longer manage. She then went into assisted living with visits to us, but after a fall in our house she can no longer visit safely. She is very confused but happy in her assisted living accomodation where she gets professional help, care and company. We can and do visit her, and know she is safe.

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