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The Dementia Guide for Families

The Dementia Guide for Families

Free Dementia GuideIt’s a really frightening thought that someone you love might have Dementia. There are ways to live well with the disease, and many resources available to support you and them.

We’ve created this simple guide to Dementia and Alzheimer’s, which we hope you’ll find useful within your family.

Our free Dementia guide includes:

  • A simple explanation of what Dementia is
  • How to spot the first signs of Dementia
  • The different types of Dementia
  • How Dementia is diagnosed
  • Treatments used for Dementia
  • Practical financial and legal considerations
  • Dementia organisations that can help

Free Dementia Guide
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After downloading the Dementia guide PDF document you’re free to print out copies for other members of your family, which we hope will take some of the fear out of Dementia. For much more detailed help and advice, visit our online Dementia Hub to find out all about diagnosis, symptoms, treatments and living well with Dementia.

We’ve also got a friendly Dementia forum, where you can share your experience with others about caring for people with Dementia.

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