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Dementia-friendly products

Dementia-friendly products

Worrying about how your elderly parents are coping with the early onset of dementia is normal.   Making sure that they remember to do everyday tasks is important.   Tasks such as, have they had taken their medication or even just had enough to drink each day?   There is help out there,  the form of dementia-friendly products.

Dementia- friendly products

Unforgettable.org has a fantastic catalogue of the best dementia-friendly and memory loss products to help.   From personal care to cooking and gardening,  Unforgettable.org also offers advice and information to help you support your parent with dementia or memory loss.

If you are concerned about your parent wondering, read this blog post by James Ashwell telling us about the inspiration for setting up Unforgettable.org.

If you would like to share your stories with others go to our forum and tell us more.

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