Funded Care

Funded Care

We know how it feels when your loved one needs care, but to also be concerned about your current financial situation. You should understand that this is completely normal and for this is a thought everybody has, you should not feel guilty about that either. Lucky for us, the government have put into place different financial options to assist you with getting the funded care that they need. We have put together some of our articles on different methods below.

Take some time to read through them all and see which would be most beneficial and suitable for you and your loved one. We hope that these can help make your situation that little bit easier.


Attendance Allowance Eligibility

Attendance Allowance is a benefit that can be provided for those over the age of 65 who need help with social and personal care because they physically or mentally disabled.

Local Authority Funding

Local Authority funding can be granted to those with assets below £23,250 who need assistance with daily living. The higher the level of need, the more funding provided.

NHS Funded Care

NHS Continuing Care is care that is arranged and funded by the NHS free of charge outside of hospital. It is available for people who need ongoing healthcare and meet certain criteria