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Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment (PIPs)

Personal Independent Payments (PIPs) can help with some of the extra costs of personal care or mobility due to a long-term illness or disability. They have replaced the DLA and are being phased for anyone aged 68 or younger in 2015, so many parents may still be receiving DLA. PIPs are needs based and not dependent upon income/savings. There are 2 elements to a DLA/PIP:

Daily Living component – claimants are assessed on things like ability to prepare food and drink, wash, dress, go to the toilet, manage health conditions and make financial decisions. The standard rate (2016) is £55.10 a week and the enhanced rate is £82.30 a week.

Mobility component – claimants are assessed on their ability to plan and follow a journey and move around. The standard rate (2016) is £21.80 a week and the enhanced rate is £57.45 a week). Applicants will be assessed, and can be eligible to receive both elements. To apply, you need to contact the Department of Work and Pensions on 0800 917 2222.