Constant Attendance Allowance

Constant Attendance Allowance

This allowance is payable to people who need daily care and attention due to a disability as a result of an accident or disease caused by work, or a War Disablement Pension. Payments range from £33.20 – £132.80 per week depending upon the extent of the disability and the amount of care needed.

Your relative cannot receive both this and the Attendance Allowance, however this can be topped up to bring them both to the same level. Claiming Constant Attendance Allowance (CAA) may affect entitlement to other means-tested benefits such as income support, pension credit, housing benefit and council tax benefit.

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Coronavirus Support Group

In light of the current situation with Coronavirus we’ve created a group for people supporting elderly relatives at risk of Coronavirus.

A chance to virtually meet others in the same position, ask questions and share your experience in these strange and uncertain times.

It’s going to be a big team effort to get through this.