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Carers assessments

Carers assessments

Carers’ rights have finally been extended so that anyone who provides care (unpaid) and feels they might benefit from some support is entitled to an assessment by the local authority.
You, or one of your parents caring for the other, could be eligible for things like help with housework, leisure memberships or even respite services. The GP should be able to help with accessing the local authority.

What you need to know about carers assessments

The focus is on the carer’s ability to continue to provide care and is currently assessed as part of a joint assessment with the cared-for person, or as a separate assessment.Anyone who provides care and feels they might benefit from some support will be entitled to an assessment if as a result of caring for another adult:
• Their physical or mental health is at risk of deteriorating, or
• They are unable to achieve any of a list of specified outcomes (including things like maintaining family relationships or engaging in recreational activities) and this has a significant impact on their wellbeing.

What help and support is available?

The support given will be means tested by the local authority, however, the following might be available:
• Respite care for a holiday
• A sitting service, a day centre placement or a befriending service
• Carers training to include lifting techniques for example
• Computer and training courses to aid starting or returning to paid work
• Taxi fares to help with travel
• Gardening and housework help

There is lots of good advice regarding assessments. You might want to look at:
Money Advice Service or, take a look at our section Do your parents need more help?

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