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Your health should always be your top priority, especially as we get older. However keeping fit and healthy is not always as easy as it sounds even for those still able to relatively easily maintain a good diet, take exercise regularly, get out and about etc.   So, this section comes with the caveat that even small victories are worth celebrating (drinking a bit more water each day;  regular trips out of the house) however resistant someone might be to taking better care of themselves – or being told to.

Elderly ailments and diseases

In this section we have identified the main illnesses affecting elderly people.  We have signposted onwards to the best websites for information and help.


Keeping healthy in old age

Doctor’s appointments, dentists, chiropodists, hearing and eyesight checks; the list goes on. How can you make yourself more aware of an elderly person’s health requirements? Read more…


Hobbies for Older PeopleKeeping elderly parents active

Some people have been busy all their lives and don’t let a bit of frailty hold them back from continuing to enjoy life.  Others find themselves stopped in their tracks…..our guide to keeping them active will help.


If you’re concerned about the contents of your Mum’s fridge,  or have some top tips to help elderly people drink more, please join our Age Space Forum and tell us your experience.