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Legal Advice & Information

Getting your parents (an indeed your own) legal affairs in order as early as possible will make a huge difference when it comes to organising and managing an elderly relative’s care. Whilst we are not legal experts, we have consulted solicitors to make sure our easy-to-follow guides are 100% accurate. 
Our legal section will help you at each step of the elderly care journey from setting up a Power of Attorney and inheritance tax planning to making a will and guiding you through probate. We also explore complicated issues such as what happens when someone dies without a will – Court of Protection and Statutory Wills, how to protect vulnerable relatives – Deprivation of Liberty and making a clear plan of how you’d like to be cared for at the end – Advance Directives.  
Legal matters can be scary and quite often the reason why we delay. They can also be incredibly difficult to discuss with elderly parents or relatives. We hope our simple and informative guides will help you and your family to prepare to care.  

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