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Registering a Death: Tell us Once

22nd September 2015

When someone dies a doctor should be called to issue a certificate stating the cause of death, along with a document outlining who is eligible to register the death – which must be done within five days by contacting the local registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (www.gov.uk/register-offices).

The registrar can provide several copies of the death certificate and will also provide a ‘green form’ which should be given to the funeral director so he can collect the deceased from the mortuary.

Organisations you need to contact
Most local councils run a service called Tell Us Once – it lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go. The registrar will tell you about using Tell Us Once and give you a unique reference number to access the service online or by phone. The following information is required to register:
• Date of birth
• National insurance number
• Driving licence number
• Passport number
• Details of any benefits or entitlements such as State Pension
• Details of any local council services eg Blue Badge
• Name and address of next of kin
• Name, address and contact details of the person or company dealing with their estate – their Executor/Administrator (you will need their permission to provide their details).

Tell Us Once will notify:

• HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
• Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
• DVLA and the Passport Office
• The Local Council

You will need to notify:
* Company pensions/personal pension providers
• Banks and building societies (including joint accounts)
• Company registrars of shareholdings
• Credit card companies
• Doctor’s surgery and hospital attended by the deceased
• Insurance companies

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