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Celebrate the best spring blooms around the world - from the comfort of home with Heygo

Celebrate the best spring blooms around the world: from the comfort of home with Heygo

Have you ever felt that March is just an extension of February? Frosty mornings, storms, and the spring is nowhere to be seen. Well, luckily Heygo is here to jumpstart spring and show us  nature blossoming in real-time in much warmer places…

Winter blues? Not here.

We’ve hand picked a premium selection of tours for you from Southern Europe to  South America, Asia, and Australia. It’s time to start enjoying the  equinox worldwide. 

Put the kettle on

Yes, this trip is starting in the UK. But there’s plenty to keep warm with. Join Ian as he shows us the heart of England. The Midlands. Birmingham, Warwick, Coventry, or Oxford… his tours are always full of humor and intellect.

From Shakespeare to Lord Byron, we promise you will do nothing short of fall in love with this area if you take the tours to explore it. 

spring blooms with heygo

Ian might even pull a rabbit out his hat and take you to Bournville, the “garden suburb” where the Cadbury family built not just their chocolate factory but a beautiful place for their workers to live. 

Go Dutch?

Mark is taking us to see the first bulbs of early spring to flower in the Netherlands. These hyacinths and daffodils are usually only seen by a select few! But Mark has the scoop on all the local fields to show you these flowers in all their glory.

spring blooms with heygo

Scouting a route and speaking with farmers to make sure we see the very best, join Mark on this one-day-only flower-finding adventure. And snap some postcards alongside some flower-happy Dutch locals. 

Next stop: Quito

Stefy will introduce us to Quito’s second largest park. Just a nice and relaxing stroll to match that warm cup of tea you brewed. And if you want to see more Ecuador, Stefy offers graffiti — or, if you prefer nature — orchid tours too! Just take it from one of Stefy’s Heygoers, Jayne: 

“I absolutely adore ALL of Stefy’s tours. Her tour of the orchids was absolutely fantastic. I must have seen over a hundred orchids. She stops for awesome postcard shots and walked all throughout the gardens…”

Who can forget Japan?

Or as our amazing guide Eriko calls it: ‘’a dreamy pink world of weeping plum blossoms.’. On this tour, Eriko will take you to one of the largest weeping plum blossom gardens in Japan’s Suzuka Forest Garden in Mie prefecture. The plum blossoms in the garden bloom from late February to March spectacularly backdropped by mountains.

Final destination Australia

Great Barrier Reef, anyone? Alex is taking us on a journey of exciting adventures and life-changing experiences. Scared of flying? There is a cruise too! The perfect way to jump headfirst into spring and say g’day to our special March virtual travel itinerary.

This content is bought to you in collaboration with our partner who bring the world to you live and virtually in the comfort of your own home. 

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