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Community Transport Schemes in Berkshire for the Elderly

Community transport berkshire

Community transport schemes offer an alternative way to get around for those who struggle to use public transport. They provide a lifeline for the elderly and disabled in Berkshire as they make getting out and about possible. Community transport schemes can be used to stay active in the community and attend day care centres or local lunch clubs.

Community transport schemes can also help the elderly get into town centres to do their shopping. An alternative, stress-free option to consider around preparing meals is meal delivery services in Berkshire.

If you are looking for transfer to and from hospital appointments, you may be eligible for non-emergency transport services in Berkshire.

This article will look at community transport schemes available across Berkshire.

Dial-a-Ride Services in Berkshire for the Elderly

Keep Mobile: Bracknell Forest and Wokingham

accessible transport berkshire

A Dial-a-Ride service, Keep Mobile, provides transport to the over 70s and disabled people of Bracknell Forest and Wokingham. The service is an affordable and accessible alternative to taxis and public transport that can take members from their door to destination, whether that be the shops, the doctor or a social call.

Keep Mobile works off a membership basis. It costs £1.00 to register and £10.00 for an annual subscription to access services. Bookings must be made a minimum of two working days in advance and can be to any UK destination, dependent on driver availability.

Readibus: Reading and West Berkshire

Readibus is the dial-a-ride service offering transport for people with restricted mobility around Reading and West Berkshire. The service is for people of all ages who struggle to use the mainstream public transport services on offer. Door to door journeys can be made, including shopping, social calls and medical appointments.

To use Readibus, you must first register with the service and then request your booking. Readibus runs on a booking request basis, depending on driver’s availabilities. There is a small cost depending on journey length.

Community Transport Dial-a-Ride: Slough

Slough community transport provides journeys to anyone living in the Slough area who has travel needs and cannot use public transport. Carers are welcome to accompany them on their journeys. The service can be used to get out and about in the community including to hospital appointments, lunch clubs and to visit loved ones.

To join the scheme fill in this membership form found here. There is a £26 annual membership fee and journeys within the Slough council area averagely cost around £10.00 for a return journey. Get in touch with them for details regarding longer trips. All journeys must be pre-booked with at least 24 hours notice.

People2Places: Windsor and Maidenhead

For disabled and elderly people in the Windsor and Maidenhead council area, People2Places runs a dial-a-ride scheme. The service is available for transportation to hospital appointments, shopping or social visits. Longer trips outside of the borough can also be arranged. Carers and assistance dogs travel free of charge.

Access to People2Places is dependent upon a membership scheme. There is a fee of £25 to join and an additional small fee on top for journeys made. Trips can be arranged on any day of the week, with at least a weeks notice. They do their best to accomadate last minute bookings but cannot guarantee anything.

Voluntary Car Share Schemes Across Berkshire

voluntary car share schemes Berkshire

Voluntary car share schemes match local, willing community members with a car to elderly people in need of a lift. A shared ride can help elderly people pick up shopping, visit friends or go to the doctors. Depending on the scheme, drivers can sometimes act as a companion and accompany the elderly whilst they shop or attend an appointment.

Across Berkshire, there are car share schemes serving their local area. Please find details of services available in your elderly relative’s area below, along with contact details to get in touch.