How To Book a Care Needs Assessment in Buckinghamshire

How To Book a Care Needs Assessment in Buckinghamshire

Assessment checklist in a care need assessment in Buckinghamshire

A care needs assessment is a conversation between someone needing care, their carers (you) and a member of the social care team from the council. It will assess individual social care needs – what they have currently, what they might need in the future and what the council can help with. In this guide Age Space explains how to get a care needs assessment in Buckinghamshire.

There are two other types of needs assessments that can be done by the local council: financial assessment and carers assessment. Follow the links to find out more and check out our guide to getting a carers assessment in Buckinghamshire.

How to apply for a Care Needs Assessment with your local authority in Buckinghamshire

Applying for a care needs assessment is slightly different depending on whether you live in Milton Keynes or the rest of Buckinghamshire. Before a formal, physical meeting can be set up, both local authorities (Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire) require a preliminary check to make sure that the elderly person in question is eligible for a full care needs assessment.

Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes this involves filling out an online questionnaire on the council website. These forms include a financial eligibility checker to understand whether or not your parent will have to pay for the services they get from the council or not. If you need any help filling out or understanding the questionnaire or results, you can contact their access team using the details below.

  • Online Questionnaire
  • Telephone: Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5pm – 01908 253 772
  • Email:


Buckinghamshire Council asks that you contact the Adult Early Help Team directly if you feel like you older relative might benefit from a care needs assessment. On the phone they will determine whether or not the older person in question is eligible.

  • Telephone: 01296 383 204
  • Email:

The Process

the process - getting a care needs assessment in buckinghamshire

A trained assessor will meet your elderly relative, usually at their home, and anyone else who is involved in their care and might have useful insight into their continuing care needs. This might be a family doctor, physiotherapist, or anyone else you want to involve in this conversation. This conversation will give the council a better idea of:

  • What needs the older person has
  • What needs are not currently being addressed
  • How could these needs be addressed
  • Should the council contribute to having the needs addressed

What results is known as a care plan. If it is discovered that there are things the council could supply to help the person that was assessed, then a financial assessment will follow. This is a means tested assessment, that will determine how much, if anything, the council will pay towards their care. The social worker will explain to you what happens next with a financial assessment in your area.

Carers Assessment

It is not just the person being cared for that can get a needs assessment. Carers can be offered and signposted towards support as a result of a carers assessment. Find out more on carers needs assessments in Buckinghamshire.

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