Living Independently in Buckinghamshire – A Guide to Options Available

Living Independently in Buckinghamshire – A Guide to Options Available

Buckinghamshire  - Independent Living Options

If it is no longer an option for your parent to live in their current home safely then it may be time to think about different living options. The first thing you can do is to consider ways of safer independent living in Buckinghamshire – which include specific services and products that can help make home life a little safer. The next thing to think about is whether you can add home adaptations

to make daily tasks easier and safer. Finally, just short of moving into a care home, options like those covered on this guide might be worth considering for allow your parents to continue living independently in Buckinghamshire.


There are a few benefits for older people when it comes to downsizing to a smaller home. Firstly, it is an opportunity to move to a more suitable location, whether than be nearer to you or into a smaller, older community. Often, older people decide to move into bungalows to preempt a reduction in mobility, but a smaller house also means less cleaning and maintenance – making more time for relaxing! Downsizing usually frees up some capital which is useful when considering inheritance or future care costs.

You can use our guide to choosing a care home in Buckinghamshire to help provide a brief overview of the different in Bucks and Milton Keynes – useful when researching places to move to!

Local Transport Links

When choosing a location for your parents new home, it’s even more important than it usually is to research the quality and variety of transport links – as our parents won’t be driving forever. In addition to public transport, community transport and patient transport services are both important and useful to know about.

Sheltered Housing and Retirement Homes in Buckinghamshire

Sheltered housing and retirement homes offer a bit more safety and security without taking away any of the freedom and independence they are used to. For carers, it means that you don’t need to be living in the same house to be assured of their wellbeing, as onsite managers can regularly check up on them.

Elderly People downsizing and looking for sheltered housing

Sheltered housing and retirement housing are practically the same, the main difference being that retirement housing is only for those older than 60. In both the older person rents a small, self-contained property that is one in a group of many similar properties. These sets of homes usually share communal spaces and an on-site buildings manager. This manager takes care of repairs and maintenance so your elderly relatives don’t have to, and also checks daily that everything is okay.

These homes are different to care and nursing homes as no one on-site will be trained in care – so these homes are not suitable if your parent has medical needs.

Where to look

Bucks Council

Bucks Home Choice is Buckinghamshire Council’s social housing scheme for the area. To have access to Home Choices scheme and the housing options available you will need to register your elderly relative. Once registered you will be able to see upcoming properties that will be available to be bid on, which includes retirement and sheltered housing options.

By their own admission, Bucks Home Choice has a limited selection of housing options open at any one time. This is because of the high demand in Buckinghamshire. You can find out about more council options, local private options, and get area-specific housing advice on your relevant council’s website:

For those in Milton Keynes there are more council-offered options to choose from. Milton Keynes Council’s Sheltered Housing has a range of self-contained properties including one and two bedroom flats and more. All of these schemes are supported by a 24 hour-available Sheltered Housing Officer and take advantage of personal alarms and telecare to provide an independent but safe housing option for you elderly relative. Find out more about the Milton Keynes Council Sheltered Housing Scheme.

Private Providers

If there aren’t many or any options for sheltered housing or retirement homes/villages in your area, you will have to search for accomodation privately. The major directory for searching for alternative housing options for elderly people is In addition to some other options, we have included links to HousingCare searches for retirement housing in each area in Buckinghamshire

Extra Care Housing

Extra Care - Independent Living Options in Buckinghamshire

As the name suggests, Extra Care housing offers another level on top of normal sheltered housing schemes. Extra Care housing offers on-site medical and personal care to its residence. The services that can be offered differ with needs and between each scheme. Extra Care housing is often cheaper than care and nursing homes as it does include full time medical care or meals.

Extra Care facilities usually require potential residents to have undertaken a full care needs assessment in Buckinghamshire, to make sure that they can accommodate their needs.

Another problem with Extra Care housing is that it can be very limited. In Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes there are Extra Care facilities throughout.


For those in Buckinghamshire there are over 48 extra care units in High Wycombe through their partnership with Heritage Care, and a further 28 in Aylesbury in their purpose built The Elms.

For more information visit the Buckinghamshire Council website.

Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes there are three sheltered housing schemes that have been enhanced to also provide care. These schemes offer specialised assistance in addition to the 24 hour-accessible wellbeing monitoring. There are 2 schemes for those with dementia and 1 for more frail older people. Find more about Extra Care in Milton Keynes.

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