Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Buckinghamshire

Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Buckinghamshire

Changes to your relative’s home can help them to live more safely and with greater independence. Buckinghamshire County Council offer support with home adaptations for the elderly in Buckinghamshire, both in terms of free occupational therapy, and the funding of changes.

Home adaptations can vary from fitting a rail in the bathroom to installing a stairlift or converting the purpose of a room. For larger changes such as the last 2, the work can obviously be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are some grants available to older people who need assistance with home adaptations in Buckinghamshire. This includes the Disabled Facilities Grant, which can provide up to £30,000 of home adaptations. You can read more about this below.

Getting a Home Assessment in Buckinghamshire

Getting a home assessment in Buckinghamshire

If you think your relative could benefit from some small changes to their home in Buckinghamshire, you should get in contact with the Bucks Adult Early Help team. This is a team of occupational therapists working for Bucks County Council. They can be reached by email at adultearlyhelpteam@buckscc.gov.uk and by telephone on 01296 383 204.

They can visit your relative’s home for free, and provide recommendations for making your relative’s home safer and more appropriate to their needs. For small changes, such as leg rests or personal alarms, they may be able to provide your relative with an equipment voucher. They may also be able to make minor adaptations to your relative’s home for free.

The occupational therapists will send any recommendations for larger adaptations to your relative’s district council. If major changes are needed, they can assist you in working out how they may be funded. This could include your relative applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant, to help cover the cost of the changes. You can read more about this below.

Organising a Home Assessment in Milton Keynes

Home assessments and support with home adaptations for people living in Milton Keynes are not organised through Bucks County Council.

Instead, your relative should contact the Milton Keynes Adult Health and Social Care Team. They can help you to organise an assessment with their  Community Occupational Therapy Team over the telephone, at a clinic appointment, or in your relative’s home. They can be contacted by phone at 01908 253772 or by email at access.team@milton-keynes.gov.uk.

Grants Available in Buckinghamshire for Larger Home Alterations

Disabled Facilities Grant

Applying for a disabled facilities grant in Buckinghamshire

The Disabled Facilities Grant is a financial package that can help your relative to pay for larger adaptations to be made to their home. The grant is means-tested, and up to £30,000 can be made available. This can include changes such as installing a stairlift, converting a downstairs room into a bathroom, or fitting a ramp.

The first stage in an application for a disabled facilities grant is to organise a home assessment for your relative. These are provided by the Buckinghamshire County Council Adult Early Help Team (or by the Adult Health and Social Care Team in Milton Keynes). This assessment will allow the council’s occupational therapists to make recommendations to the district council’s housing team for works to be made to the house.

Once the district council have agreed with your relative which alterations to your relative’s home will be grant-funded, they will provide a ‘Disabled Facilities Grant application form’. As the grant is means-tested, your relative may need to contribute towards some of the cost of the changes.

If you want more information about applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant in your relative’s area of Buckinghamshire, you can speak to your relative’s district council housing team. They may also be able to advise your relative about any other grants or financial support that they may be eligible for. Contact details for each Buckinghamshire district council can be found below

Aylesbury Vale District Council

Telephone: 01296 585 605
Email: envhealth@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk
Visit Website

Chiltern District Council

Telephone: 01494 732 013
Email: housing@chiltern.gov.uk
Visit Website

South Bucks District Council

Telephone: 01494 732 013
Email: housing@southbucks.gov.uk
Visit Website

Wycombe District Council

Telephone: 01494 412 247
Email: environmentalhealth@wycombe.gov.uk
Visit Website

Milton Keynes Council

Telephone: 01908 253772
Email: access.team@milton-keynes.gov.uk 
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