Meal Delivery for the Elderly in Buckinghamshire

Meal Delivery for the Elderly in Buckinghamshire

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Using a meal delivery service in Buckinghamshire has numerous advantageous for maintaining well-being in later life. It means access to a healthy and balanced meal whilst taking away the chores of shopping, cooking and washing up.

Meal delivery also means regular contact with a driver to check in, who are often the first to notice if something is out of the ordinary. For more information surrounding well being please see our keeping healthy in old age guide.

Across Buckinghamshire, there are several options. Apetito work on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council and Milton Keynes Council to supply affordable meals to elderly and disabled residents. There are also some private meal delivery firms which operate in the region. These also provide healthy meals, often with a wider choice.


Apetito deliver hot lunch time meals and a tea time snack to homes across the county. Each meal is nutritionally balanced and Apetito caters for different types of diets and cultural needs.

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There are three ways to pay for Apetito meal delivery: direct debit, by cash or through family member invoice. Meals can be delivered flexibly and all drivers have been DBS checked.

Telephone: 0800 066 2790 
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If the council assess your relative as needing a hot meal or tea time snack, the council will subsidise the service further. Please contact the Social Care Team using details below to arrange an assessment.

Telephone: 01296 383 204

Oakhouse Foods

Oakhouse foods are a frozen meal delivery service meaning meals are delivered and can be cooked at anytime. There are nearly 400 meals to choose from, costing between £3 – £6. There is free delivery for orders over £30. Drivers are local, friendly and I well trained at checking on the welfare of the people they deliver to.

To make an order browse online or request a brochure then telephone. 14 day packs of meals are available at a discounted price.

Telephone: 0333 370 6700
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Wiltshire Farm Foods

Fish and chips meal delivery in Buckinghamshire

Wiltshire Farm Foods have delivery hubs around the country including one in Beds & Bucks. They offer a wide range of over 300 meal choices. Meals come in three different sizes, and dietary requirements can be catered for. Meal costs vary between £3 – £6 whilst desserts cost between £1 – £3.

Meals are delivered frozen and there is no delivery charge. To order, request a brochure, telephone the number below, or visit their website.

Telephone: 01525 242220
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