Bereavement Support Services in Cambridgeshire

Bereavement Support Services in Cambridgeshire

Bereavement Support Groups and Services in Cambridgeshire

Some people take the loss of a loved one harder than others, or might benefit from different types of bereavement support to you.

It might be the case that you find the support you need from people going through the same thing, perhaps at a local singing group. Or perhaps more structured therapy is more preferable to you.

You can also find more advice at Age Space’s page for for Dealing with Death & Grief.

Regardless on what helps you as an individual you can find a list of bereavement support services in Cambridgeshire on this page. Where you see the group icon ( ), it means the service also provides a Bereavement Support Group where people who are dealing with or have experienced death and grief can help one another.

Cambridgeshire Cruse Bereavement Care

Cruse Bereavement is the leading national charity when it comes to care, support, advice and information for those who have lost a loved one. In Cambridgeshire they run their services from three centres, Peterborough, Cambridge City, and Huntingdon. From these centres they provide a telephone helpline (01223 633 536), one-to-one support with a trained volunteer, occasional coffee mornings and support groups.


  • Drop In Centre Coffee Mornings
    • First Four Wednesdays of every month
    • 10am – 12noon
    • @ Wesley Church, King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LG
  • Telephone: 01223 302 662
  • Email:


The Huntingdon office operates three friendship groups that can connect grievers together to share experiences and talk about recovery. You can find about the support offered here and their friendship groups by calling 07902 662 492.

  • Huntingdon
    • Wednesdays
    • 10:30am – 12noon
    • @Huntingdon Methodist Church, 17 high street, PE29 3TE
  • St Ives
    • Mondays
    • 10:30am – 12noon
    • @St Ives Free Church, Market Hill, PE27 5AY
  • St Neots
    • Thursdays
    • 11am – 12:30pm
    • @United Reform Church, Moores Walk, High Street, PE19 1BN

Cambridgeshire Hospice Support

Tea Coffee Group Bereavement Support

Most hospices provide bereavement support as standard in a holistic approach to palliative care. Below we have listed the extent of support available from the three major hospices that provide end-of-life care for Cambridgeshire residents

Arthur Rank Hospice

Offers a psychological support services for families that have suffered a loss by means of free one-to-one counselling and access to a bereavement support group. Find out more on the Arthur Rank Hospice Website.

St John’s Hospice

St John’s Hospice offers Family Support Services providing emotional and spiritual advice and counselling including one-to-one therapy sessions and family meetings. Find out more on the St John’s Hospice website.

Thorpe Hall Hospice

Finally Thorpe Hall Hospice offers bereavement support services, much like St John’s, to include one-to-one counselling and WayFinders – a monthly walking group for people coping with bereavement. Call 01733 225 900, email or visit the Thorpe Hall Hospice website to find out more.

Hospital Bereavement Care Services

A few hospitals across Cambridgeshire have Chaplaincy or Bereavement support services for those who are current struggling with the loss of a loved one and might need someone to talk to. You can find the details for four Cambridgeshire hospitals below:

Addenbrooke Hospital’s Chaplaincy Team

  • Telephone: 01223 217 769
  • Email:

Hinchingbrooke Hospital Chaplaincy & Bereavement Care Services

  • Telephone: 01480 847 474
  • Email:

Papworth Hospital Chaplaincy Team

  • Telephone: 01480 364 121
  • Email:

King’s Lynn Macmillan Information & Support Service

  • Telephone: 01553 613 985
  • Email:

Peterborough City Hospital Chaplaincy

  • Telephone: 01733 673115
  • Email:

Bereavement Counselling in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling

Bereavement Support Services in Cambridgeshire

This charity provides low cost counselling to those who need it, basing their costs on the income of those seeking support, so that is affordable for all. Their trained counsellors can offer bereavement support for all. Contact them for more details.

Telephone: 01223 233 047
Visit the Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling Website

Cogwheel Trust

Cogwheel trust have three centres in Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Ely, and Sawston, from which they provide low cost counselling to those of all ages. As with Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling, Cogwheel adjust their fees to reflect the income of their clients.

Telephone: 01223 464 385
Visit the Cogwheel Trust Website

Peterborough Bereavement Support Services & Charities

To find bereavement support in Peterborough, use the Peterborough Information Network (PIN) directory service using the link.

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