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A good death

We’re often not very well prepared for death.  This section aims to guide you through what you need to do as the time approaches, what to do when it happens, and what services are available to help. Grassby & Sons lends a helping hand.

About Grassby Funeral Service

We are delighted to have the expert support of Grassby & Sons Funeral Directors to advise us on all areas of end of life care in Dorset.

Planning a funeral

When planning a funeral there is a lot to think about. Grassby & Sons has advice to help all the arrangements go smoothly.

What to do when someone dies

When someone dies, there are some practical tasks that need to happen. To make this time easier Grassby & Sons has created a short list of the necessary steps to help you through this time.

Lasting memories - Memorial Masonry from Grassby Stonemason

Grassby & Sons has a proud family history as both funeral directors and as craftsmen in stone, granite, marble and slate.


A day in the life of... Nick Grassby, Funeral Director

Nick Grassby tells us about life as a modern Funeral Director.

A good send off - dealing with a death in the family

So much to do, and so little time. Some help for a good send off. 

Oustanding palliative care in Dorset

There are amazing resources for palliative care across Dorset. 

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