Home Adaptations for the Elderly in Dorset

Home Adaptations for the Elderly in Dorset

Dorset Home Adaptations for the Elderly

Home adaptations can make a huge difference to your elderly relative’s life if they are finding it more difficult to get around the house. This can take the form of small additions, like grab rails in the bathroom, stair rails or small ramps, to major installations, like stairlifts or widening doorframes. Depending on your relative’s circumstance, councils will often be very willing to provide home adaptations to prevent unnecessary falls and accidents that result in hospital visits.

Certain minor adaptations may be recommended following a Care Needs Assessment from Dorset County Council, which result in the council providing and installing them for free.

In the case of major adaptations, funding can be provided by the Disabled Facilities Grant from your local authority after being means-tested. You will be able to find out about this funding by contacting your local authority for a Home Assessment from their Home Improvement Agency. This assessment will consist of an occupational therapist visiting your elderly relative’s home to assess what adaptations would benefit their safety and wellbeing.

In the event that a Care Needs Assessment doesn’t find your elderly relative eligible for any adaptations, you may wish to take a look at our page on Safer Independent Living in Dorset.

The following guide will take you through how to access your local Home Improvement Agency, as well as Disabled Facilities Grants.

Getting a Home Assessment in Dorset

Home Adaptations for the Elderly in DorsetMillbrook Healthcare Group run the Dorset Accessible Homes Service for the whole of the county on behalf of Dorset County Council.

The Dorset Accessible Home Service will work closely with Occupational Therapists to support elderly people in the county and help them to live safely and independently in their own homes.

They will be able to offer advice regarding the most suitable steps to make in your elderly relatives home, as well as minor home adaptations and major home adaptations. They will be able to advise you on:

  • checking whether you are entitled to any financial help
  • your housing options
  • deciding on home adaptations that might help you
  • carrying out minor repairs
  • making your home more energy efficient

By getting in contact with this service, you will be able to arrange a Home Assessment with an Occupational Therapist. You can do this using the contact details below, or visit their website for more information.

Grants Available in Dorset for Larger Home Alterations

Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Facilities Grant for Elderly People in DorsetYour elderly relative may be eligible for a grant from the council if they are disabled and require adaptations around their home. The Disabled Facilities Grant is reserved for home adaptations of up to £30,000 in England and is a means tested, government funding scheme. This means that the amount of funding that your relative will be eligible for is dependent on any other income or savings they have.

Disabled Facilities Grants are available for:

  • making it easier to get in and out of the home e.g. ramps
  • making it easier to get around the home and access to their bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen e.g. door widening or stairlift
  • help the disabled person to care for another person
  • making it easier to use the toilet, bath or shower e.g. installing a shower rather than a bath
  • to provide safe access to a part of an outdoor space e.g. garden
  • making it safer to prepare and cook food e.g. lower food preparation surface
  • improving or providing a suitable heating system
  • helping to control lighting, power or heating e.g. by relocating controls.

Residents of rental properties are also able to apply for the grant as long as they intend to remain at the same address for the next five years.

To apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant, you will first need to receive a Home Assessment through the Dorset Accessible Homes Service as detailed above. Alongside advising you on what home adaptations they recommend, they will also be able to inform your local authority that your relative is eligible for the Disabled Facilities Grant.

You can find out more information, or get in contact with Dorset Accessible Home Service through the details below.