Available care funding in Dorset

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Funding for elderly care can be complex, expensive and unpredictable with changing needs. This section includes information about all the funding options available in Dorset.  Some available funding is means tested and some isnt;  some funding is available form Dorset County Council, and some from the NHS.  It’s complicated and confusing – so pull up a chair!

In addition to their personal health circumstances, whether your elderly parents are at home or moving to a care home will determine the available funding for them. If one of your parents cares for the other then there are options as well. The short version of all the available funding is as follows:

At home funding


Care home funding 

Dorset County Council has lots of information and guidance on its website – have a look at our section on living independently.

Our main finance section has lots of information too –  Getting your parents needs and finances assessed which outlines why assessments are a good idea, how to get one, and what happens once you’ve got one;  we  explain Care Home Fees before exploring some of the options around both Funded Care and Self-Funded Care.   

Our finance partners in Dorset, Poundbury Wealth Management, can help with all matters relating to finance.  Their website details are :  www.poundburywealth.co.uk