How to Book a Care Needs Assessment in Essex

How to Book a Care Needs Assessment in Essex

Care needs assessments in Essex

A care needs assessment is the means by which Essex County Council can find out about and assess your relative’s care needs. From doing this, the council will be able to work out how best to support them, and you, in providing your relative with care.

They will also make a decision over funding of care, and if your relative is entitled to a personal budget. You can learn more about what to expect from Age Space’s guide to Care Needs Assessments.

On this page we will guide you through how to apply for a care needs assessment for your relative in Essex, what to expect, and what to do if you are unhappy with the outcome of it.

How To Apply For a Care Needs Assessment With Your Local Authority in Essex

A care needs assessment being carried out in Essex.

Care needs assessments in Essex are organised and provided by Essex County Council’s Adult Social Care team.

If you want to go about organising a care needs assessment then you should contact the Essex Adult Social Care team by calling 0345 6037630 or emailing them at They will have an initial discussion with you or your relative about what their care needs are, and what could be done to meet them.

From this conversation they may decide to move forward and arrange a care needs assessment for your relative. If so, Essex County Council will send a social worker or occupational therapist to your relative’s house to develop a comprehensive care plan, including conversations about the council’s role in the funding of their care.

What To Do if You’re Not Happy With The Outcome of the Assessment

If the social care team feel that you are not eligible for their support then they should still direct you to other services that can help your relative.

If you are still unhappy with the decision made about your relative’s care assessment then you can ask the Adult Social Care team to look again at your relative’s assessment again, or you can make a complaint. You can use this Online Form if you wish to make a complaint about Essex County Council adult care services.

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