Respite Care in Essex

Respite Care in Essex

Carers need a break sometimes

Sometimes, as a carer, you need a break. Being a carer can be a physically and mentally tiring role, and many carers feel worn out. Respite care gives you the opportunity to take some time off, while a professional carer takes over for a little while. This can be for as little as one afternoon, or as long as a few weeks.

There is no reason to feel guilty about enlisting the help of a respite care service, though we know that some carers do. Read our guide to the importance of Taking Care of Yourself as a Carer in Essex.

You may also be looking for respite care due to a family holiday, a work engagement, or a social obligation. On this page you will be able to find a Respite Care Option that works for you and your relative.

Respite Care Homes in Essex

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Many care homes and nursing homes throughout Essex offer respite care and short break services. The person you care for can stay at the care home for a few days or weeks – as long as is needed.

When choosing a respite care home, it is important to check that the home in question can accommodate to your relative’s specific needs (e.g. dementia or mobility needs). You should also consider if the location works for you, the limit of the length of the stay, and the CQC rating of the care home you are looking at.

Below you can find two directories for respite care homes in Essex, which you can filter by region and specific needs that they must be able to meet. These directories also have their own ratings systems that you should consult in making your decision.

Day Care Centres in Essex

Day care centres offer respite for carers on a shorter basis – usually for one day at a time. These can be of use when you feel you need a shorter break. A popular choice is for relative’s to attend a day care centre on a regular basis, allowing you to plan your breaks in advance.

Day care centres are fun and sociable places, and also offer many helpful services including hairdressing and nail trimming. To find out more about day care centres, read our guide to Day Care Centres in Essex.

Respite Homecare in Essex

Respite care at your relative’s home is another option for when you need a break from your caring role. This also removes some of the difficulty in travelling to a care home or day care centre. Respite homecare involves trained caring staff coming to relative’s home and providing round-the-clock live-in care for them while you take a break. You can work out with the provider how long you need this service for.

Below we have listed some organisations in Essex that provide respite homecare.

Care Max

Care Max will work with you to devise a comprehensive plan for your period or respite. Their experienced carers will cook meals, eat with, go to clubs or activities with your relative, and help with their personal care, hygiene and mediation.

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01277 562 162

Caring 4 U

Caring 4 U endeavour to take into account all of your relative’s requirements when considering how best to meet your respite care needs. All of their carers are fully trained and checked.

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Telephone: 01376 318 668

Helping Hands Homecare

Helping Hands offer one-to-one respite care from their professional carers who are trained on their Skills for Care-endorsed training programme. They offer either live-in respite care (where the carer lives-in, offering support day and night) or visiting respite care (where the carer visits for a just a few hours each day or each week).

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Telephone: 0333 060 2533

Rosemont Care

Rosemont Care’s respite service allows carers to relax in the knowledge that their loved one is receiving profesional care of a high level. They offer respite live-in care for as long as you want it to be. They also offer the chance for one of their care workers to work alongside you for a day or so to familiarise themselves and smooth the transition.

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Telephone: 01708 505 511

Emergency Respite Care in Essex

You can’t always plan or predict when you will need the help of a care agency – sometimes at short notice or in the middle of the night. These stressful situations can be helped through calling for emergency respite care – carers who can come and take over your caring role at short notice.

Rosemont Care

Rosemont Care have an emergency live-in care service for carers throughout Essex. They will be able to get a carer to you with minimum delay. You can contact their 24-Hour Emergency Telephone on 01708 505511 in order to request their emergency service.

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