London Stansted Airport Special Assistance for the Elderly

London Stansted Airport Special Assistance for the Elderly

With an enormous range of flight destinations, and being located in West Essex, London Stansted Airport is a convenient choice for people from Essex looking to fly abroad. As one of the largest airports in the UK, however, some older people feel worried about navigating their way round it. Thankfully, there is plenty of special assistance available for elderly people who need help getting to and around the airport.

There is also specialist support available for people who struggle with their vision, hearing, or invisible disabilities such as anxiety, autism or dementia. On this page you can find out about all the support available at London Stansted Airport, and how your relative can go about accessing it.

Special Assistance at London Stansted Airport

Special asssistance at Stansted airport for older people

London Stansted Airport can provide customers who need special assistance with support from when they arrive at the airport, to when they leave after their return flight home.

For departing flights, customers with reduced mobility will be met at their point of arrival at the airport and have support through to the point at which they reach their aircraft seat. When you arrive at the airport you can request help getting to check-in at any of the Help Phones, located beside the main terminal doors and in each zone of the Short Stay Car Park.

When your relative lands at Stansted, the airport service provider Omniserv can assist passengers from the aircraft back to the terminal, through Immigration and on to the Baggage Reclaim Hall. Once they have collected their baggage Omniserv will also assist them to their final point of onward travel.

How to Book Special Assistance

Special assistance needs to be pre-booked through your relative’s airline or travel agent at least 48 hours before their flight.

You can find here a List of Contact Numbers from which to request special assistance from the airlines that serve London Stansted Airport.

Accessibility at London Stansted Airport

Guide and hearing dogs are permitted in the terminal buildings. You can call the airport on 0844 335 1803 for any specific enquiries about accessibility. There is also a dedicated Assistance lane at security, and you or your relative can request access to it by speaking to a member of staff at security.

Hidden Disability Assistance

Sunflower lanyard scheme for hidden disabilities at Stansted airport

London Stansted Airport operates the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme to support people with hidden disabilities. Wearing the Sunflower lanyard indicates to the airport staff that someone has a hidden disability, such as autism or deafness, and would like or may need some additional support.

You do not need to pre-book a Sunflower Lanyard for your relative – they can be picked up from the Information Desk in the International Arrivals area of the terminal, or at the Assistance reception in zone A.

Please note that due to high demand these can’t be posted out ahead of travel. Sunflower lanyards do not automatically grant access to the security FastTrack lane, however if you feel you would benefit from using the dedicated Assistance lane please speak to a member of staff at security.

Travelling with Mobility Aids at London Stansted Airport

Support for wheelchair users at London stansted airport.

As mentioned, London Stansted Airport has a designated lane for passengers requiring assistance. This for passengers who are making their own way through the terminal as well as those being assisted by the airport’s Special Assistance agents.

If your relative is travelling with their own mobility aid then this needs to be pre-booked with their airline or travel agent. It is important that the dimensions and weight of the mobility aid is supplied to their airline or travel agent prior to travel, so that they can be prepared for it.

Disabled Parking at London Stansted Airport 

Disabled parking at Stansted airport

There are Blue Badge parking spaces available in all of the car parks at Stansted Airport, though full prices do apply. For some of the car parks further from the terminals there is a fully accessible bus service that can transfer your relative to and from.

There are Help Point buttons located at the pay stations and also the entrance and exit barriers in the car parks which can be used to request help.

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