Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Essex

Home Adaptations For The Elderly In Essex

A stairlift that has been fitted in an elderly person's home in Essex.

There is financial support available for older people who need adaptations made to their home in Essex. Home adaptations can make an elderly person’s home safer, protecting them from harm and ensuring you greater piece of mind.

Home adaptations can range from smaller changes such as adding handrails, to much larger changes such as having stairlifts and electronic ramps fitted. Essex’s local authorities can provide many smaller home adaptations for free, dependent on a visit from an occupational therapist, but larger changes need to be self-funded unless your relative is eligible for a grant.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the financial support available for home adaptations for the elderly in Essex, including who to contact for support.

Getting a Home Assessment in Essex

Occupational therapist visit for a home assessment in Essex

Local councils in Essex can provide financial support for minor home adaptations, up to the cost of £1000. Organising a home assessment from an occupational therapist is the first step your relative needs to take in order to access this support.

Home assessments are carried out by occupational therapists who will determine through assessing the home, and discussing your relative’s needs, what changes are needed to make their home safer. You or your relative can contact Essex County Council’s Adult Social Care Team to request a home assessment from an occupational therapist by calling their team on 03456 037630 or emailing them on socialcaredirect@essex.gov.uk.

Visit Essex County Council Website

Grants Available in Essex for Larger Home Alterations

Disabled Facilities Grant

The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a grant of financial support for disabled people who need changes made to their home in order to live more safely and comfortably. The Disabled Facilities Grant can provide financial support up to the cost of £30,000, but the figure your relative receives will depend on their income and savings. A Disabled Facilities Grant can help with larger adaptations such as installing ramps and stairlifts, widening doorways for wheelchairs, or creating a downstairs bathroom.

A lady very happy with her stairlift in Essex

To go about receiving a Disabled Facilities Grant your relative will need a visit from one of Essex County Council’s occupational therapists. They will be able to recommend to the local authority the home adaptations that they think are necessary, and if they believe your relative should be awarded a Disabled Facilities Grant. Your relative’s local authority social care team will then decide if the occupational therapist’s recommendations are reasonable and achievable, and whether to award your relative a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Most people in Essex can request an occupational therapy assessment for their relative by contacting Essex County Council’s Adult Social Care team on 03456 037630 or by email on socialcaredirect@essex.gov.uk.

People living in Southend or Thurrock, however, should contact their local council’s adult social care team on the numbers below:

  • Southend Adult Social Care Telephone: 01702 215606
  • Thurrock First Telephone: 01375 511000

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