Stroke Support Services in Essex

Stroke Support Services in Essex

Thousands of people suffer from strokes every year in Essex, and it can have life-changing consequences for those affected by it, as well as for their carers. You can read more on our page about Stroke.

There is an impressive range of support services in Essex for people affected by stroke, including recovery services, counselling, exercise groups, speech and language therapy, and social groups. There is also a great deal of advice, information and support available to carers of people affected by stroke.

This page will guide you through all of the support available to your relative and yourself in Essex.

Essex Stroke Support Services

Stroke Association

The Stroke Association is national charity that often works with local county councils to provide services, support and signposting for their residents who have experienced a stroke. In addition to organising community support groups, the Stroke Association also runs two stroke services on behalf of Essex County Council.

Stroke Recovery Service

Stroke Association in Essex

The Stroke Recovery Service, provided by the Stroke Association, provides support, information and advice for stroke survivors and families and carers of people affected by stroke. As part of the service they can provide home visits, telephone support, and help you with funding and benefits. They can also signpost you to local leisure and social activities for people affected by stroke.

The stroke recovery service also provides information and support for carers of people who have suffered a stroke.

There are 5 Stroke Recovery Services provided by the Stroke Association in Essex:


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Telephone: 07932 538985


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Telephone: 01621 725302

South-West Essex

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Telephone: 07940 107844


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Telephone: 07515 596699

West Essex

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Telephone: 07713 230666

Stroke Association Services in Colchester

The Stroke Association in Colchester additionally provides Emotional and Communication Support to people affected by stroke in the Colchester area.

Communication Support, Colchester

Colchester Communication Support service provides specialist support to with stroke survivors who have developed difficulties with communication, such as aphasia. 

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Telephone: 07799 436012

Emotional Support, Colchester

The Colchester Emotional Support service provides counselling and emotional support to people affected by stroke, as well as their family and carers.

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Telephone: 07342 049946

Headway Essex Stroke Support Services

Headway Essex

Headway Essex support adults living in Essex who have an Acquired Brain Injury, which includes strokes. They provide support in the community, regardless of where in Essex you live and specialist day opportunities and rehabilitation activities from their hubs in Colchester and Benfleet. They also run monthly Support Groups in Basildon, Chelmsford, Colchester and Epping.

The Headway Essex Support Line on 01206 845945 is completely free and available for your relative or you to call from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Their community support team can offer practical and emotional support and advice to help you and your family adjust to life following the stroke. They also run carer support groups in Benfleet, Colchester and Epping.

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Telephone: 01206 845945

Tendring Specialist Stroke Services

Stroke communication support

Tendring run activities for people affected by stroke which help to learn new skills and work on communication. They also have a dedicated Carers and Family Support Service, understanding the impact that stroke can have on carers also.

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01255 815905

Harlow Stroke Support and Rehab Services

Harlow Stroke Support and Rehab Services (HSSRS) can help your relative with support, advice and information for Stroke Survivors and their carers . They run weekly social groups, which can be found further down on the page. HSSRS can also provide assistance with paperwork and acquiring funding and key support for carers of people affected by stroke.

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Telephone: 01279 308313

Stroke Support Groups in Essex

Support groups can be a great resource for people affected by stroke, getting the chance to speak to and enjoy the company of people in a similar situation. Often there are experts on hand who can provide information and answers to any questions. Some support groups centre around on specific rehabilitation exercises, such as developing communication or stroke-friendly exercise.

There are also support groups for carers, who may find comfort in discussing their shared experiences and giving advice to one another.

Stroke Social Support Groups in Essex

Stroke social support groups in Essex

These social support groups are a great way of meeting people, having fun and taking part in activities designed for people affected by stroke. They include quizzes, bingo, arts and crafts, as well as exercises. These groups often also serve as a chance to speak to health professionals and to be signposted to other services.

Find your nearest Stroke Social Support Group below:

Stroke Communication Support Groups in Essex

Some people who have suffered from strokes develop difficulties with language and communication. These social groups can help people to feel comfortable about how they communicate, and develop their ability to speak in a comforting and safe environment.

Stroke Exercise Groups in Essex

Stroke exercise rehabilitation in Essex

Exercise is important for stroke survivors, as it has been found to help promote cognitive recovery, and reduce the risk factors for recurrent strokes. These groups below provide exercises that are developed to be appropriate for people affected by stroke.

It is worth knowing that some of the social support groups above also incorporate exercise into their activities.

Stroke Carer Support Groups in Essex

Being a carer to somebody affected by stroke can pose its own unique difficulties. The carer support groups below are there specifically to support people who are carers to someone affected by strokes or another brain injury in Essex. There are also other excellent Carer Support Groups in Essex that will be able to support you in your caring role.

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