Will Writing Services in Essex – Average Fees of Solicitors in Essex

Will Writing Services in Essex – Average Fees of Solicitors in Essex

A will is one of the most important documents that anyone has to write – outlining exactly what somebody wishes to happen to their estate and belongings after their death. You can read more in Age Space’s Complete Guide to Writing a Will.

It is important for the person writing the will to know that their wishes will be respected after their death, and of course for the family and beneficiaries of the will. For many people, what they leave is reasonably straightforward; for others it can be complex and may require professional expertise and advice.

It is a good idea to have conversations with family before launching into Will-writing to decide what might be the best option between an online Will-writing service, contracting a solicitor, or using a will-writing service.

The average cost of enlisting a solicitors’ help with will-writing in Essex is about £180, but some solicitors will cost more or less than this depending on the service that they offer. Some organisations offer different services in regard to storing the will, and some offer large discounts on mirror wills (wills for a couple) and wills combined with power of attorney.

Here, Age Space has listed some of the many will-writing services available to you in Essex, alongside their prices for a single will.

If you are looking for free legal advice, including on wills, you may want to read our guide to Free Legal Advice in Essex.

What Solicitors Charge in Essex for Writing a Will

Asset Wills, Basildon

Asset Wills is a family-owned company based in Basildon that offer a range of affordable will services, including single wills and mirror wills (for couples). They also have a discount for over 65s!

Price: £105 for a single will – and £20 off for over 65s!

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Telephone: 0800 612 0558

E J Coombs Solicitors, Billericay and Chelmsford

Solicitors support with will-writing in Essex

E J Coombs Solicitors have offices in both Billericay and Chelmsford, and can provide your relative or relatives with either single wills or mirror wills.

Price: From £234 for a simple will

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Telephone: 01245 221699

Kew Law Solicitors

Kew Law are experts in will-writing, and are happy to travel to your relative’s home to discuss their will options with them and go about writing the will. They also have 10 offices throughout Essex if your relative is happy to travel.

Price: Their single basic will costs £145 plus VAT.

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Telephone: 0800 9878156

Sanders Witherspoon, Billericay

Sanders Witherspoon’s experienced team of wills and probate solicitors offer a fixed fee will writing service, and there are no hidden charges for annual or monthly storage. They can talk your relative through all the available will options.

Price: Prices start at £300 for a single will.

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Telephone: 01277 284508

Attwood & Co Solicitors, Grays

A solicitor in Grays, Essex, helping to write a will.

Attwood & Co Solicitors are based in Grays, and their experienced team will be able to help your relative every step of the way with their will-writing, and they are happy to travel to your relative’s home if they require.

Price: Their price for creating a single will is £156.00.

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Telephone: 01375 898 870

Braintree Wills, Braintree

Braintree Wills are a specialsit will-making service who can provide their expertise to people living in and around Braintree, Colchester or Chelmsford. They offer a range of types of will, and can provide a free phone consultation to your relative.

Price: The price of their single will service starts at £180 plus VAT.

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Telephone: 01376 349366

Oliver’s Wills, Epping

Oliver’s Wills is a specialist will-writing service based in the Epping area, and provides a very local and efficient service for people in Essex. Their team are happy to travel to visit your relative in their own homes.

Price: A single will with Oliver’s Wills costs £175 plus VAT.

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0800 3345 245

Paragon Legal Services, Colchester

Paragon Legal Services offer a highly affordable will-writing service, and their will writing staff are happy to travel to your relative’s home to discuss their will options and receive instruction on writing their will. They also provide telephone appointments.

Price: Their prices for writing a will start at £49.99 plus VAT.

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Telephone: 01206 544 919 

Bright & Sons Solicitors, Maldon, Tiptree and Witham

Bright and Sons can provide specialist support with will-writing to people living in and around the Maldon, Tiptree and Witham areas.

Price: Brights & Sons charge £195 plus VAT for a single straightforward will.

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Maldon Office – 01621 852323
Tiptree Office – 01621 819019
Witham Office – 01376 512338

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