Patient Transport Services in Hampshire for the Elderly

Patient Transport Services in Hampshire for the Elderly

Someone receiving assistance getting in to a vehicle from a wheelchair.

Patient Transport Services provide transportation for people in non-emergency situations, who need specialist help getting to and from hospital. It is only available for those who are unable to use public transport or other transport due to their medical condition.

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Eligibility for Patient Transport Services in Hampshire

Patients are considered eligible for patient transport services if:

  • They require medical assistance during the journey
  • It would be dangerous to travel by other means/their mobility does not allow them to do so

The Hampshire Non Emergency Patient Transport Service helps eligible patients make the following journeys:

  • to planned outpatient appointments
  • to and from hospital (planned admission and discharge)
  • to life saving treatments including radiotherapy, chemotherapy or DVT treatment
  • back home to Hampshire from other hospitals around the country
  • back home to the Isle of Wight from hospitals or healthcare/treatment centres on the mainland

Booking Patient Transport Services across Hampshire

Wheelchair accessible ambulance service.

The NHS South Central Ambulance Service provides the Hampshire non-emergency patient transport service (HNEPTS). Patients registered with a GP in the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) below can access the service. You can check CCG by postcode here.

Please note, the HNEPTS does not include North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG, which falls under the Surrey NEPTS service.

To make a booking, Hampshire patients should speak to their GP who will check eligibility and allow access to the NEPTS online patient zone. The system can then be used to book subsequent journeys, manage your bookings and check your journey status.

Registered patients in West Hampshire CCG are also able to place their first booking via a dedicated patient line on 0300 123 9833.

You can cancel bookings on the HNEPTS Cancellation Line 0300 790 0143 (available 24/7 365 days a year).

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