Stroke Support Services in Hampshire

Stroke Support Services in Hampshire

The majority of stroke support services in Hampshire are provided by the Stroke Association, a national charity that aims to help people who have had a stroke through their rehabilitation and aid with any new challenges that can come after a stroke. They can also provide stroke support groups – allowing your family to meet others in similar positions.

Hampshire Stroke Support Services

Stroke Association Support Services

The Stroke Association provides support services which are commissioned, and provide a variety of support options.

Hampshire Stroke Support Service woman undergoing stroke rehabilitation

Stroke Recovery Services provide advice, emotional support and information following a stroke. They work with stroke survivors, carers and family members to identify and address physical needs. They then help build a personalised plan to support putting life back together after a stroke. The Stroke Association provide two stroke recovery services in Hampshire, for contact details click below:

Communication services help stroke survivors who are living with communication difficulties, such as aphasia. Sessions aim to develop strategies and help rebuild confidence and independence. For more information on the services in Hampshire, what they offer, location and contact details, click below:

Stroke Recovery Groups in Hampshire

Long term peer and social support is a vital lifeline for those affected by stroke and their families. Through clubs and groups, you and your elderly relative can find advice, activities and companionship.

Click on your elderly relative’s local Stroke Association support group below to find location, services provided, meeting times and contact details:

Stroke rehabilitation at home due to hampshire stroke support services

If you are unable to find a suitable service in your area, you can contact the Stroke Association Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100, or email, and you may be able to find alternative support.

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