Community Transport Schemes in Hertfordshire for the Elderly

Community Transport Schemes in Hertfordshire for the Elderly

Older people in Hertfordshire can benefit from the county’s number of community transport schemes. Almost every region of Hertfordshire has a dedicated community transport service to help older people get from their home to where they need to go, including medical appointments, to the shops, or to a lunch club.

Community transport services throughout Hertfordshire

There are a few different types of transport that community transport services provide. The most common is dial-a-ride services: with a dial-a-ride service your relative can call in advance to book transport at a specific time for a specific journey, and a local volunteer will collect your relative from their house and take them to where they need to go. There is usually a small cost, based on the mileage of the journey.

Some of Hertfordshire’s community transport schemes also have access to minibuses. These minibuses can be hired by groups for specific journeys – for example a Day Out in Hertfordshire. In other cases there may be regular trips to the shops or to town, and their volunteers can help with shopping. These minibuses are usually wheelchair-accessible.

If your relative is looking for transport to and from a medical appointment, and their mobility needs mean they can not use usual means of public transport, they may be eligible for Hertfordshire’s Patient Transport Services.

Below you can find out more about the community transport services operating in the different regions of Hertfordshire.

Community Transport Schemes in North Hertfordshire

Royston and District Community Transport

North Hertfordshire Community Transport

Royston & District Community Transport provides a door-to-door dial-a-ride transport service for people that live in Royston and the surrounding villages of North & East Hertfordshire. The service is intended for those who are unable to use other forms of public transport. The fleet that they operate include multi-purpose vehicles and wheelchair-accessible minibuses, for those who need them.

Royston and District Community Transport require at least 3 days notice for a journey, and there is a fee of 55p per mile travelled, minimum (£5.50), confirmed and agreed at the time of booking. This is paid to the driver at the end of the journey.

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Telephone: 01763 245228

North Herts CVS

Residents of North Hertfordshire and Stevenage can use the North Herts CVS Community Transport scheme to get about. Their dial-a-ride service can be used for healthcare appointments, leisure visits, social visits, and to get to day care centres.

North Herts CVS charge rate of 45p per mile, starting from the driver’s home address. There is a minimum charge of £5 which covers the first 11 miles of any journey. There is also an annual service fee of £15 for anyone planning to use the service more than a couple of times a year.

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Telephone: 01462 689402

Pirton Joycare

Pirton Joycare provide a dial-a-ride service for residents of Pirton, as a part of their Good Neighbour Scheme. They provide transport predominantly for healthcare visits and appointments.

Elderly residents of Pirton can also benefit from Pirton Joycare’s monthly shopping trips to various towns in the area, in a minibus. Your relative and others from the local area leave Pirton in the morning, do their shopping, usually have lunch somewhere and return home in the early afternoon. It is a great opportunity to get the shopping done for those who struggle to get to the shops, while also having a sociable day out. There is a nominal fee to cover the cost of renting the minibus.

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Telephone: 01462 713338

Community Transport Schemes in East Hertfordshire

Standon and Puckeridge Hospital

East Hertfordshire Community Transport

The Standon and Puckeridge Hospital dial-A-ride car Scheme helps elderly residents in some areas of East Hertfordshire get out to appointments at the hospital, dentists and GP surgeries. The areas covered are those living in Standon, Puckeridge, Griffin, Haystreet, High Cross, Wadesmill and Dane End.

There are set costs for journeys to some destinations, otherwise the fee is 45p per mile.

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Telephone: 01920 822156

East Herts Community Car Scheme

The East Herts Community Car Scheme is run by the Broxbourne and East Herts CVS. They provide a dial-a-ride service for older people in East Hertfordshire in order for them to get to and from appointments. There is a cost of 45p per mile, counted from the driver’s home.

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Telephone: 0300 123 1677

Royal Voluntary Service Community Cars (Hertford & Broxbourne)

Hertfordshire’s Royal Voluntary Service Transport can provide journeys for older residents of Hertford and Broxbourne as part of their dial-a-ride service. They can provide trips to hospital and GP appointments, as well as for trips to the shops or into town.

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Telephone: 01992 552 069

Welwyn Hatfield Community Car Scheme

The Welwyn Hatfield Community Car Scheme is funded by Hertfordshire County Council and the East and North Hertfordshire CCG. They provide a dial-a-ride service for older people who need help getting to medical appointments, day centres, lunch clubs, shops and visiting relatives.

The service is operated by local, vetted volunteers, and there is a charge of 60p per mile from the volunteer’s home.

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Telephone: 01707 273875
Email: whcvscars@becgarneryahoo-co-uk

Community Transport Schemes in North West Hertfordshire

Redbourn Care Group

North West Hertfordshire community transport

Redbourn Care Group have a team of volunteer car drivers that can assist older people in getting to hospitals, surgeries and other healthcare appointments. This is part of their dial-a-ride- service. There is a contribution of 45p plus parking charges when necessary.

The Redbourne Care Group also provide regular minibus journeys for local elderly people to get to social activities such as group outings, local clubs, and regular supermarket shopping trip.

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Telephone: 01582 794550

Harpenden Helping Hand

Harpenden Helping Hand can provide dial-a-ride transport to local medical and health appointments for older people living in the Harpenden area who struggle to use public transport. They ask for a small donation to charity in exchange for the help provided.

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Telephone:  01582 764599

Wheathampstead Community Group

The Wheathapstead Community Group has a large team of around 50 volunteer drivers providing a dial-a-ride service to people in the Wheathapmstead area who need to get to hospital and doctor’s appointments. Their volunteers can also assist with going out for a bit of shopping if there are not others with an immediate medical need. They ask for a fee of 45p a mile paid to the volunteer driver.

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Telephone: 01582 834 238 

St Albans Good Neighbour Scheme

The St Albans Good Neighbour Scheme’s dial-a-ride service can assist elderly residents of St Albans get to and from their medical appointments. They are also able to assist with going shopping, and the service is entirely free.

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Telephone: 01727 830713

Bovingdon Connect

Bovingdon Connect is a village-based volunteer dial-a-ride service for the elderly, disabled and those not able to use local public transport services. The service is aimed at people who need support getting to and from medical and welfare appointments, but they are also able to provide support getting to the shops or social appointments.

Bovingdon Connect requires a reasonable amount of notice for your relative’s journey, and a cost of 45p per mile as well as parking fees.

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Telephone: 07376 832999

Community Transport Schemes in South West Hertfordshire

Rickmansworth Transport Solutions

Rickmansworth Care can provide a dial-a-ride service for people living in the Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Mill End and Maple Cross areas of South West Hertfordshire who need support getting around. The service is free, but they do welcome donations.

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Telephone: 07935 269144

Communities 1st (Hertsmere)

Communities 1st operate a dial-a-ride service for elderly people living in the borough of Hertsmere (including Borhamwood, Potters Bar and Bushey) looking to get to appointments. Communities 1st ask for 60p per mile travelled, with a minimum charge of £4 for the first 5 miles. They request a few days’ notice when booking transport, and there is a £10 annual individual membership fee.

As well as the dial-a-ride service, Communities 1st run a minibus shopping scheme in Hertsmeme. This is a door-to-door service for people who struggle to use oublic transport to go shopping. The minibus is wheelchair accessible, and it costs £3 each way to travel on.

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Telephone: 020 8207 5055

Bushey and Oxhey Care

Bushey and Oxhey Care can provide a dial-a-ride service for residents of Bushey and Oxhey who need support getting to medical appointments. They ask that your relative makes an appointment a few days in advance, and there is no cost required for the service, though they do welcome donations.

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Telephone: 020 8950 3330

Watford and Three Rivers Trust

Watford and Three Rivers Trust have a dial-a-ride service to help elderly residents of Watford and Three Rivers get to medical and health appointments. There is only a small fee of 45p per mile to be paid to their volunteer drivers.

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Telephone: 01923 216964

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