Dementia Care in Kent

Local Dementia Services in Kent

There are a growing number of people affected by dementia, nationwide and in Kent. Caring for somebody affected by dementia can be challenging, and it is hard to know where to turn for help. 

In Kent, the NHS has been working on improving its dementia care, and there are now specialist Community Mental Health Services for Older People throughout the county. The NHS and dementia charities in Kent can be of great assistance to people at any stage of their dementia journey, from initial diagnosis to treatments. Use the button below to find out more about the dementia care services available in Kent.

In The Spotlight... 5 Minutes with Jackie Tuppen from Cogs Clubs

Jackie Tuppen from Cogs ClubsCogs Clubs are one of Kent’s greatest resources for people affected by dementia. We spoke with their founder Jackie Tuppen to find out more about why she set the clubs up, what happens on a typical day, and her advice for looking after people with dementia during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Help With Caring For Someone With Dementia

Being a carer to somebody with dementia poses a range of unique challenges. Fortunately, you are not alone in this. There is a great deal of support and information available for carers, both online and in your local communities.

Use the buttons below to read more of Age Space’s advice on caring for someone with Dementia. You can also to find out how to get in contact with initiatives and groups that local communities in Kent have set up to make it a more dementia-friendly place to live, including coffee groups and exercise sessions.