Writing a Will saves time, money and more

Writing a Will saves time, money and more

Writing a Will seems to be one of the last things any of us wants to do or talk about and so at least a third living in Dorset haven’t written one when they die. 

Writing a Will should be a priority for everyone reaching old age, as if nothing else, it could affect the care funding arrangements, if and when the time comes.

That’s why we have put together An Expert Guide on Writing a Will.

Find out what a Will is, who can make one and why it is important, as well as 7 important considerations to take into account including estate planning, tax and probate – and what happens if there isn’t a Will.

For more information about writing a Will, get in touch with the Money Advice Service. Or the Government’s website here; You can find a solicitor here. 

There is lots more information about legal matters on our main site.  Have a look here.

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