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Care At Home

The majority of people want to be able to stay living independently in their own home as long as possible.  In this section we look at what services are provided to help the elderly in their own home. Here’s what you can expect through your GP, along with information on how to find and hire a carer or a care agency, how to spot problems and act on them.

If you are looking for more care at home, then our Merseyside Home Care Finder would be a good place to start. Searchable by postcode or type of care, you can find a range of different providers to help. 

Hiring A Carer

There are lots of good reasons to consider hiring a carer for your elderly relative. However, there are several things you need to take into consideration.

NHS Local Services

There are many NHS local services available to the elderly and the GP surgery is the best place to start.

Employing A Care Agency

Home care provides support and assistance to people in their own home, helping in whatever way is necessary to remain living independently for as long as possible.