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13th February 2019

In addition to our main Health and Wellbeing pages, here we take a closer look at what’s available in the Merseyside area.

Elderly Ailments and Illnesses

Doctor’s appointments, hearing and eyesight checks; the list goes on. Keeping healthy in old age is important whether it be for regular wellbeing and lifestyle care or for chronic illnesses and serious health issues.

Exercising The Body & Mind

It is a known fact that the less you do, the less you really feel like doing.  Energy breathes energy! Encouraging your parents to get out and about might be a challenge – but it will be worth it for every day mobility, general mental health and overall fitness.

Eating Healthily In Old Age

Here we explore how to actively encourage healthy eating.  The key is to serve food your parent will like to eat to maintain a healthy balance.  Offer foods they like, hide ingredients you know they need but shy away from and be visual creative.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

We all have moments of forgetfulness, this however does not mean we are suffering from dementia. Would you know how to recognise the signs of dementia in your parent?  

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